Lionel Messi scores for Inter Miami in 4-3 loss vs. Al-Hilal


Lionel Messi scored for Inter Miami in their 4-3 loss vs. Al-Hilal.

Messi scored for Inter Miami in their match in Saudi Arabia. With Al-Hilal leading 3-1, Inter Miami were awarded a penalty and it was Messi who took it.

The Argentine took it and would score Inter Miami’s second goal of the match.


  1. The truth is Messi just doesnt care about winning another individual awards anymore, such as Ballon & golden boots. I feels that he only cares about national team matches after completing football in 2022.

  2. Remember the match against Croatia in 2018 with Cabalero as GK, Otamendi, Mercado and Tagliafico all three playing 3 in the back CBs ? I thought that was the worst backline Messi ever played with but today I change my mind. Inter Miami’s defense is the worst he will ever play with. What a shit show of a defense! If Al-Hilal’s forwards were little more clinical they could have scored 2 to 3 goals more. Also, Suarez missed 3 clear cut chances! I don’t follow the Brazilian league but I am sure it far more tougher league than the Saudi league and hopefully he is just out of form and not finished because today the chances he wasted were easy as it can ever get!!

    • Didn’t watch but I see Miami had only 36% be possession. Seems like a midfield problem. During their nice run last year they were continually getting dominated and only saved by a series of spectacular goals by Messi. The team was always garbage and an old, lazy, fat Suárez won’t fix it.

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