Argentina pre-Olympic team suffer late penalty, draw 2-2 vs. Venezuela


The Argentina pre-Olympic team suffered a late penalty and drew 2-2 vs. Venezuela.

Javier Mascherano’s team were up 2-1 with a goal from Thiago Almada until poor officiating by the referee and VAR awarded a penalty for Venezuela in the 96th minute. Venezuela would score and draw level.

Venezuela took a 1-0 lead through an own goal by Leandro Brey from Argentina and Argentina drew level with an own goal from Carlos Vivas. Both teams were also give red cards with Valentin Barco and Bryant Jesus Ortega Carmona both being red carded.

Thiago Almada had given Argentina the 2-1 lead and Argentina were about to get all three points until a controversial hand ball penalty on Gonzalo Lujan. Venezuela would score the penalty and get the draw.

Argentina are now in second place in the final four standings with Paraguay winning against Brazil. The top two teams qualify for the Olympics and Argentina play Paraguay on Thursday.


  1. quite unfortunate result. Let’s remember Venezuela also beat Brazil earlier. But having said that Argentina should have won. While it’s easy to blame Masche let’s not forget that they created enough chances only poor decision making and finishing cost them. Gondou should have put that away after brilliant play by Redondo. Solari, Castro, Medina and the likes are below par. The rest are ok players. For me only standouts are Barco and Echeverri.
    We are good enough to beat Paraguay and that would be enough to get us through.

  2. When the video is inconclusive, who should get the benefit of doubt? What does FIFA say. VAR has become a farce. But having said that we have to admit that Mascherano is not up to the mark as a coach. His defence is looking disorganized, if I have to sound polite. His body language is not good. When we were down by a goal, his face looked sad and shoulders drooped. A coach should always be encouraging the team by saying “come on, it’s ok to be down by a goal”. I think qualification and seeing Messi at the Olympics are now distant dreams. With two key players out in the next match, we are down and out. It would be good to see someone better than Mascherano take up the job post this debacle.

  3. Why putting Barco as fullback??? Why playing Solari at all???? Why putting Rodriguez when Medina is on the bench??? Why Redondo is not in the starting 11, who is better than him???? Why taking off Echeverri and Almada …. ????

  4. Mascherano deserves what he works so hard to achieve. I couldn’t believe how he is so clueless. I wonder why the AFA was begging him to take the team. The team has talents but the coach makes them look dumb.

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