Lisandro Martínez to be out for 45 to 60 days due to injury


Lisandro Martínez will be out for 45 to 60 days due to an injury.

Per reports by journalist Gastón Edul, the Argentine defender has a sprained collateral ligament. Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag stated after the game vs. West Ham that Martínez injury “did not look good.” Fortunately, it was less severe than expected. He does not have an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in the knee, which was feared yesterday, and he will not need surgery. The recovery time is expected to be between a month and a half and two months.

The 26-year-old had recently returned from a foot injury that had him over three months out of the pitch. Although it is not confirmed, he will most likely miss Argentina’s friendly games in China in March.


  1. everyone should watch the u 23 team .it is a beautiful team the competition is who is more elegant player Fernandez Almada Nardoni Diablito.valentini surprised me he so good but today man of the match was Nardoni without a doubt. Baltazar did well after he came on Castro close contol is amazing the only player who doesn’t belong in this team is Solari he looks like English winger not Argentine

  2. Leave our no.9 in Venezuela after this tournament. What a piece of shit I just watched!!
    A 5 years old kid can kick that ball better than him.

  3. Argentina U23 vs VenezuelaU23 match in a very interesting cross road as first half ends. 3 points super important considering Brazil’s loss to Paraguay.
    We definitely played better & had dominant possession. But Venezuela GK was simply brilliant with four 1:1 saves. We complicated by a error ( more of Brey & less of Sforza) to concede. Finally needed a freak own goal to equalize. Worst part is foolish behavior by Barco & his red card. Luckily Venezuelan player also caught a red card & we are even on numbers.
    Almada clearly our best player in pitch today. Barco was v good till his unwarranted behavior. I think we need Gondou in 2nd half. While we are playing better , Venezuela is more clinical on the counter. Last minute had a solid diving save by Brey.

    • Heartbreak result finally due to blatant partiality for the host. That wasn’t a penalty by any stretch. Such a pathetic referee & it was decided that Venezuela will be given an equalizer.
      Key takeaways of 2nd half :
      1) Gondou’s sitter miss in 86min finally hurt us very badly
      2) Once Almada was withdrawn, we lost the creative spark. Maybe makes sense to keep Echiverri in bench. Nothing wrong in Almada sub today as he was clearly exhausted.
      3) Due to red card, we also end up losing Lujan along with Barco for remaining matches. So 2 of our starting defenders lost for Brazil & paraguay match
      4) While i am a big fan of Masche, got to say Mashe & bad luck in NT jersey always goes hand in hand. No reason can be attributed to we not picking 3 points today.
      5) Just before Almada goal, Brey had a brilliant diving save on a 1:1 with Kelsy.

      • South American officials either wanted to support host or give Brazil a better chance in coming games. There is no other way to explain that penalty decision. Total nonsense

  4. I am concerned about both Romero and Licha, who are the present and future of our defense. Both are fantastic players but their all out aggressive style in an already fast paced and physical league, makes for frequent injuries. I am no doctor but it seems to me if they played in Spain or Italy they would be much less troubled. Lo Celso should also get back to Spain if he wants to have a decent career.

      • I’ve always been a big of Lo Celso but at this point unless he can stay injury free for a really long time, I don’t think he should be considered beyond a backup of a backup option. I think only in less physical league he might have a chance to redeem himself.

    • I agree, he literally is willing to put his body on line when defending for United! He doesn’t realise it yet but when his performance starts to go down hill , they will turn back on him!

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