Lionel Messi comments on missing Inter Miami’s game in Hong Kong


Lionel Messi commented on missing Inter Miami’s game in Hong Kong.

The absence of the Argentine legend brought significant disappointment among the locals who attended the stadium to watch their idol play last Sunday.

Messi was asked about this at Tuesday’s press conference before the match against Vissel Kobe and here is what he had to say:

“I missed the last match in Hong Kong due to muscle discomfort. I really wanted to play because many people came, but this is part of the game.

“It is a pity because I always want to be there. Especially when it comes to these types of games that we travel so far and that people are so excited to see one of our games. Hopefully, we can come back and play another game in Hong Kong.”


  1. Tata should NOT have played him in SA, the game was lost as soon as it started, why the hell would he play him with 7 plus mins left in the game, what was the urgency, what was so important………and he was also hurt!!!!

    The street dogs were already barking and that C. SUCKER sitting in the stands with that smug smile on his dumb looking face or the other jerkoff holding the #6 as soon as he came in…….I have wondered many times why I strongly HATE that pompous self-conceited APE…….the pitiful/pathetic sorry excuse for a man still has the audacity to run his F**ING mouth after leaving Qatar, crying like a little GIRL or the imbeciles that keep sucking on his you know what every chance they get……just like his last humiliation, his next one will be much worse…..keep talking.

    • I share your sentiments, but emotional responses like this are exactly what those clowns are looking for.

      We have already won everything worth winning. Messi let his football do the talking. We should just enjoy our victory. No need to fret over these meaningless matches.

  2. By signing Messi, Inter-Miami bit off more that it can chew. His salary is so high for that club, that they have to play him every possible match to generate profit! If he is unavailable or injured then no-one would watch Miami play. Fans left stadium when he was subbed! Some fans in Hong-Kong paid upwards of $600 to watch him and only to find out that he is injured!

    He gave up 1.5 billion to play for Miami and now Miami has to scam fans to make the money to pay him! In hind sight , Saudi deal would have been better for his aging body and long term financial goals. But again, his family wouldn’t like the middle eastern culture and hot desert weather (No offense to Saudi). Unfortunately, He will again be expected to play every match in MLS this season! And MLS has no international breaks even when US is playing!

  3. The same thing happened during the Indonesia visit, Messi did not show up. We can accept and understand only the EO needs to be more informative and anticipate

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