Sergio Agüero speaks on the 2021 Copa America final, Lionel Messi, his final match


Sergio Agüero spoke about the 2021 Copa America final, Lionel Messi and his final match with FC Barcelona.

Agüero has retired as a professional football player due to health reasons but prior to retiring, he lifted the 2021 Copa America with the Argentina national team. Speaking in an interview on Clank Media with Juan Pablo Varsky, Aguero spoke about the 2021 Copa America final. Here is what he had to say:

“We went 1-0 into half time, Leo felt discomfort in his ischium and goes to the stretcher. I went and asked him if he was okay.

“I heard Scaloni say “we have very little left”. And then I started to calculate: “There is 45 minutes left, fuck.” I came back and desperately told the guys that we should hold on as best we can to win it.

“When it all ended, it was an incredibly joy to everyone, especially for Leo who had always wanted it.”

Kun also commented on his conversation with Lionel Messi when news broke that Messi was leaving FC Barcelona:

“I asked Leo and I just said “Is it true?” And he said yes. I didn’t say anything else because I didn’t know what to say to him.”

He also stated that he was offered the number 10 shirt when he joined the Catalan club:

“When Leo left Barcelona, they offered me the number 10 shirt and I said no. Not because I didn’t want it. I thought he was going to come back. They told me that I was the only one that could use it but for me, the number 10 belongs to Leo. Lastly, if he is not there, don’t use it.”

Regarding his last match as a professional:

“I felt like I was drwoning, I didn’t feel pain. I had a lot of pressure in my head. I figured it was because I was physically ill and I thought: “Shit, I’m so bad.”

“I jumped for a header. They went to counter and I started to get dizzy. I felt like I was going to faint and I wanted to calm down. I wanted to say something and the words didn’t come out. I grabbed the hand of the Alaves captain as if to say: “Stop the game”. He started screaming and they stopped the game.

“When I calmed down, I felt like my heart started beating faster. That’s where the arrhythmia attack caught me. A week before it had happened to me in training but it had only been for 20 seconds.”


    • Yes, that would had been something again to re-write history of Football and i think that was one of Leo’s prioritys/ maybe even included in his clauses while/ until he was/ stayed with Barca, but obviously too many promises were broken by Barca and soon as his family and him were forced to move away from their home, well since then i Have not had zero Respect & Intrest about Barca as exatly same thing when i remember DIEGO Leaving For NAPOLI as how rhey treated Riquelme & Sorin etc…I just never really understood Catalan’s that well as did For example with Basque’s or Andalucian’s or Asturian’s as maybe just coincidence, but My father lived literally in every Part of Spain also at Islas too….somehow Madrid and Barcelona felt different Even i had many friends too who lived or used to live in Barcelona….anyhow glad that both won together at youth level with ARG and Olympics + COPA 21 and Even KUN could not play anymore at Qatar WC 22, WELL FOR ME HE IS A WORLD CHAMPION TOO!

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