Argentina’s friendly matches in China could be cancelled


Argentina’s friendly matches in China next month could be cancelled.

Lionel Scaloni’s team will be playing Nigeria and Ivory Coast in China in March but both of those matches might not be happening. Rumors are coming out in the media that the matches could be cancelled by the Chinese government.

Inter Miami played a friendly match against Hong Kong a few days ago and Lionel Messi did not participate due to injury but did play a few days later in Japan. This is rumored to be the reason why the matches might not be happening in China.


  1. We need to play the classic of Argentina vs England. Messi hasn’t played against England. Now that would be a fun game to watch considering a quarter of our players play in the Premier League.

  2. This is what happens when international friendlies are made to be about one person. Whatever happened to the good old days of having friendlies as a way to prep for games and try out players instead of trying to market one player?
    Whatever happened to the proper home and away games vs games being played on neutral venues?

  3. Tell me a player or athlete in any sports that has the same power to draw the attention of global media and fans as Messi. This guys draws attention of media of every country wherever he goes like a blackhole pulling everything at it. Look at Ligue-1, nobody gives a flying fcuk about PSG ever since he left. The whole league is struggling to find a buyer to sell their TV rights. Look at La-Liga, ever since Messi quit Barca, EPL has taken over the void! La-Liga is too boring all of a sudden. They might bring Mbappe next year but La-liga won’t be able to rival EPL without Messi. If Leo can maintain some kind of fitness until 2026 world cup, I am 100% FIFA will do their best to convince him to play, even if it for 15 to 20mins per match as a substitute just for popularity!

  4. Meanwhile Inter players’ names are in Chinese characters today…

    Money is affecting football, we already have some games being played in the Gulf countries.

    The Chinese have thrown a tantrum over Messi…

    A short while earlier, there was a kerfuffle during Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce game over the Turkish anthem and Ataturk and the game was cancelled at the end.

    Some capricious overlords all these rich countries are….

  5. Ngl this has been a horror show for us Messi fans. The country which used to be the biggest admirer of Leo Messi in Asia is getting all the flames, all that because of Miami’s fiasco

    – 110k+ abusive comments on his IG handle
    – National media of China reporting Messi should be banned from China

    No matter how many of us try to justify this, but this is never a good thing and rapistiano fans are feasting on this. We’re so doomed fr

  6. This WHOLE Inter Miami preseason friendly tour could be categorized in 1 word, clusterF***.
    Going from 1 country to another in a short period of time before the season starts, players injured and out for entire season or many months, making Messi look like the bad guy……. with friendlies and Copa America coming🤫🤔🙄😬🤐

    BTW, according to ESPN, games are already canceled.

  7. I knew this was coming, because Communist China disliked Messi’s behaviors in Hong Kong last week. Our GOAT has already become a national enemy on China’s social media and in the press. Check Messi’s IG and you will know how many brainwashed Chinese junk people are insulting Messi and his families.

    We SHOULD 100% minimize dealings with the capricious and hypersensitive Chinese authoritarian regime. In the eyes of a tyrannical state, Messi’s refusal to shake hands with Hong Kong’s government officials is a felony crime. Those Chinese junk people at home can get arrested for not showing enough respect to government officials, and they think normal people and our GOAT have to show respect to their dictators as well. What a joke!

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