Javier Mascherano: “With Brazil it is all or nothing”


Coach Javier Mascherano spoke after the 3-3 draw vs. Paraguay and commented about the last game that is coming for Argentina in the Olympic qualifiers against Brazil.

Here is what he had to say in the post-game press conference about the last-minute draw vs. Paraguay:

“I value the hearts of the boys to tie even though we didn’t have the game we wanted. They fought until the end, and it is a positive balance.”

Mascherano has been receiving a lot of criticism from the fans throughout the whole tournament:

“We are one victory away from qualifying… Those who criticize me? Maybe they are lucky and I only have one game left… I’m not thinking about what they say about me; I’m trying to do my best.”

About the crucial match against Brazil coming for his team, Argentina’s U23 coach stated the following:

“It’s going to be a demanding match. That’s it, it’s the last one. It’s all or nothing. You have to think positively; we have already talked about it with the boys. After this game, there is nothing more. We will go to win from the beginning. We look at the other games’ results, but it doesn’t do much good to think about that. We focus on what we can handle.”


  1. This team deserves to be in the Olympics missed chances and lousy coaching aside, getting cheated wasn’t part of the plot but should have been very expected.

  2. Redondo to inter Miami… what a downfall of so called argentina next gem… world cup winner almada is unwanted by european clubs..argentina 2030 will be based on mls players…

    • Previously, I used to think that Argentine young players are going to the MLS for financial reasons (the country has been in bad economic situation for more than two decades), but when I see a guy like Federico Redondo who is from a wealthy family I realize that it’s not all about chasing money; it’s lack of offers from Europe. That’s my conclusion.

      • His family is not do wealthy that millions of dollars are negligible. Inter Miami is paying 8m for him which is pretty good. I think it’s more indicative of the rise of football centers outside Europe (Saudi Arabia and America). We’ll see if it’s a temporary phenomenon or if those places are able to build strong leagues.

  3. If we miss out on the Olympics , it won’t be Macherano’s fault because AFA should have looked for a better coach after our youth teams multiple failures under his management!

    • It will be hard to beat Brazil. The boys should just enjoy themselves without any pressure when they meet Brazil. Whoever proposed mascherano is the one to blame.

    • How many 1 v 1 chances our players missed in last 2 matches? Putting everything on coach is not good. I also thing we should have better coach for U23, but players let coach down in last 2 matches. Better enjoy last match is his last for U23.

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