Marcos Senesi scores for Bournemouth in 3-1 loss vs. Fulham


Marcos Senesi scored for Bournemouth in their 3-1 loss vs. Fulham.

Senesi has made it three goals this season and two assists with Bournemouth, scoring the only goal for them in the match. With Fulham leading 2-0, it was a corner kick for Bournemouth and the ball fell to the Argentine who scored from close range.


    • Leverkusen coach thinks he is important player in the team. But Karl from mundo says they can play better without him.. whom should we believe a professional player and coach or someone who never played professional match.

      • Suppose this is based on Leverkusen’s 3-0 win against Bayern. I didn’t watch the match but Leverkusen only had 39% possession. Obviously possession is not everything but it does often indicate something, e.g. they needed Palacios in mid.

        Our mid is so strong at the moment with Mac Allister, De Paul, Enzo, Palacios, Paredes, Almada, and others. Last time our mid was this strong and balanced was around 2006.

        Am worried more about our forwards – the coldness of Lautaro and Alvarez (neither scored in 2023!) and the fitness of Di Maria and Messi.

    • Karl always come up with nonsense, I have been watching bayer Leverkusen this season.Palacios became key player under alonso because of his one touch in tight spaces plus he moves the ball quick as much he breaks between the lines

  1. Haven’t seen much of him. With Liisandro’s health questionable, do you guys think he will be a good replacement for Otamendi for the Copa America?

    The friendlies against fast African sides should provide a good test for Otamendi. We should dominate possession and will have to defend counters which is where Otamendi struggles.

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