Enzo Barrenechea comments on his dream of playing in the Argentina national team


Speaking with journalist Gastón Edul on Twitch, Enzo Barrenechea commented on his dream of playing in the Argentina national team.

“It would be a dream to be there without a doubt and it is the best I could aim for. That motivates me even more to give my best every day.”

The 22-year-old Frosinone midfielder, who is on loan from Juventus, had to leave Newell’s Old Boys when he was 18.

“It was hard. I trained with Newell’s, spent six years at the club and became a huge fan. It was a difficult decision when the Juventus proposal came. I didn’t see myself in another club other than Newell’s. It was my ultimate dream to play and debut there, but it was a great step in my career to come to Juventus and help the club (Newell’s) financially.”

Barrenechea made his debut with Juventus playing against Lionel Messi’s PSG in November of 2022.

“It was crazy. A player will never forget his debut but, in my case, my debut became less relevant because the best and most beautiful thing that happened to me was having met Leo, giving him that hug after the match and telling him how much I love him.”

The young Argentine has a similar playing style to Leandro Paredes. They were teammates at Juventus for a short time.

“When I arrived at Juventus, I was a mixed midfielder, but they put me as a defensive midfielder because they saw things similar to Paredes in me. Coincidences of life, Paredes came to Juventus. He told me that they had told him that there was a player in the Juventus youth team that looked very similar to his style. I think I have a similar playing style to Paredes.”

Barrenechea later said that with Matías Soulé they hang out every now and then with Paulo Dybala and Leandro Paredes since Frosinone is only 50 minutes away from Rome.


  1. So Lo-celso is officially Gago -II ? Gago was such a integral part of the 2014 qualifying campaign that Sabella never had a proper back up for him. His connection with Messi was outstanding and Enzo Perez never filled the void. One of the reason we looked so dull when attacking was the absense of Gago and injury of Dimaria. Lo-celso after the surgey before the world cup was suppose to be better fitness wise but his body is getting worse and worse and shouldn’t not be part of the core group of players along with Dybala . Additionally Palacios , another player extremely well rounded both going forward and when defending is also made of glass . This season is his best season in terms of fitness but again , he has been gone for over 3 week now

    • I agreed with your statement about lo celso but not palacios he has played 17 to 18 games in row yes he got
      hamstring injury now and again which is understandable because the way he he plays

  2. About Today’s U-23 ARGENTINA GAME
    For U.S. viewers, the game was scheduled for 6 and it was supposed to be on FS1 and now it’s been replaced by the Venezuela game at 6 and the ARG game at 3:30!

  3. Very impressive statement by ENZO BARRENCHHIA. Love him for his playing style. Some of our players are playing great after their transfer on loan to some other comparatively less popular club. ENZO BARRENCHHIA, MAXIMO PERRONE , MATIAS SOULE are prime example of that. I am very much disappointed with NICOLAS PAZ, he is just ruining his club and international career by being loyal to bull shit real Madrid club. It is very frustrating that inspite of being the WORLD CUP CHAMPION our players are not getting any approach from even mediocre European clubs. THIAGO ALMADA, FEDERICO REDONDO, NICOLAS PAZ are the prime example of that.

  4. “Barrenechea later said that with Matías Soulé they hang out every now and then with Paulo Dybala and Leandro Paredes since Frosinone is only 50 minutes away from Rome”.

    That’s a cool little detail. Argentines abroad make these lasting connections that translate well into the NT later…

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