Nicolás González and Lucas Martínez Quarta score for Fiorentina in 5-1 win vs. Frosinone


Nicolás González and Lucas Martínez Quarta scored for Fiorentina in their 5-1 win vs. Frosinone on matchday 24 of Serie A.

With the match being 2-0, Martínez Quarta jumped and headed the ball coming from a corner kick from the left side. The ball hit the crossbar and bounced only inches inside the goal, converting the third goal for Fiorentina.

Nicolás González scored the fourth in the second half with a well-timed volley. He received a headed pass and kicked the ball without letting it bounce with his right foot. It was a fantastic goal for the Argentine winger.

Lucas Beltrán started the match for Fiorentina, while Matías Soulé played the whole game for Frosinone.


    • Really? I thought he played ok on defense but most of the Brazilian attack was snuffed out by our midfielders (mostly Equis, Sforza, Medina) with plenty of help from the others (Almada, Barco). Rarely did they get to our back line except. Only our full back Lujan had some work to do and he did it very well. Valentini’s pasing out of the back was so bad.

  1. Juan Sforza and Equi Fernández went head-to-head with Endrick in 11 duels, they have won all 11 of them.

    Endrick also attempted to dribble 4 times, but Juan Sforza successfully recovered the ball on all 4 occasions.

    60 millions euro? Next Pelé?

  2. Some people in here owns apology to mascherano. The guy hsve done well if it wasn’t bad referring decisions we would have beat Venezuela and Paraguay, I’m glad that I’m backed him plus we played good football at times

    • Tremendous performance against Brazil by the entire team. We were first to loose balls, composed, and showed a lot more class. We outplayed them almost the entire match and after the goal were rock solid to close it.

      Valentin Barco MOTM for me. He’s a little erratic but creates a lot of danger. Made no defensive mistakes.

      Equis Fernandez was ice in the middle. What a cool type of player to watch.

      Gondou is a smart player.

      Valentini is an awful passer but was fine in defense. Only Castro struggled. Suppose it’s not his position.

    • No, we also qualified in similar manner during Sudamericno 2017 with Lautaro as top scorer. We barely qualified by winning the last game while Brazil few their last and out. Once the real tournament started though, we’re a disappointment as expected.

      Mascherano’s team won 3 games out of 7, that’s hardly convincing.

      • That’s biased framing. You could say that Mascherano’s team:
        1) Lost zero games (the only team in the tournament) which is the the most important thing in a knockout tournament.
        2) Finished with the top GD.
        3) We dominated Brazil from start to finish.

    • Yes.. sorry Mascherano. Congratulations on your HUGE 1-0 win, the largest Argentina U23 victory of all time. We are sorry we expected to QUALIFY for the Olympics much more comfortably. Surely it was a nigh impossible task and we expected too much.

    • I don’t think anyone owes an apology to Javier the midfield is stacked. Some of them are even ready to play for the national team. when you have Fernandez, Barco, Almada, Medina, and Claudio you are expected to Qualify.
      Another thing that annoyed me was people’s obsession with Redondo he is good but not better than Fernandez or Sforza if you watch the local league Sforza was not only a good young player but also one of the best players in the league a captain at the age 20 he is a leader. we don’t even have to talk about Fernandez he could even make the squad for the March friendlies he is an elegant player

  3. Credit where it is due. Masche finally delivers & this hopefully is the turning point for his managerial career. Such a tough tournament & we remain undefeated inspite of cards & injuries. Also had some strong emotional moments ( Paraguay injury time goals in both games.
    We clearly outplayed Brazil & eliminating the defending Olympics champion is the icing on the cake. We now seem to have a habit of beating Varsil ( Copa, WCQ, U17 & now U23😊)
    What a cross by Barco & Gondou’s clinical header sealed the game. Brey had 2 critical saves. Almada, Sforza, Valentini all had good games. We played with a lot of confidence after leading & didnt get into an ultra defensive shell. Infact Solari should have scored in the 1:1 with GK
    I would really want to see these players in Olympics – Almada,Nardoni,Barco,Echiverri,Redondo,Valentini,Brey( 2nd GK), Gondou.

    • I’m very surprised that we qualify. I didnt like the team from day one, the stubbornness of Mascherano to keep the players irritated me, not playing El Diablito, Redondo showed how conservative he was but as a fan I was hopeful, nervous and finally exalted.

    • I know its premature. But here is my 3 overage players for Olympics .
      GK – Either Ledesma again, Gazzaniga or will be awesome to see Sergio Romero have a final swansong.
      CB – One from Senesi, LMQ, Perez, Balerdi ( assuming they dont make Copa team)
      CF – Castenallos or German Cano

      We are also blessed with so many high performing U23 stars like Garnacho, Soule, Varela, Perrone,Alcaraz,Veliz,Beltran,Carboni, Paz ,Villagra,Buonanotte – Anyone from this list not making Copa squad needs to be here.

  4. Like I said, this is a proper team unlike the WC one that played well and deserved a spot.
    I like Almada that i have seen him first hand in these games.

  5. Other than an Almada freekick that hit the post & few Barco crosses, nothing worthwhile in first half. Game is in Brazilian half . But that is expected as Brazil should be ok with a draw also. Other than Barco no one really trying to force the pace today. We are missing Nardoni in right flank & Redondo in midfield. Something radically different needed in 2nd half to win & qualify

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