Javier Mascherano speaks on Argentina qualifying for the Olympics


Javier Mascherano spoke about Argentina qualifying for the Olympics.

Mascherano will be at the Olympic games. A two time gold medal winner, he will now be coaching the team.

His team won 1-0 vs. Brazil and qualified for the Olympic games in Paris. Speaking at a press conference after the win, here is what he had to say:

“We put Luciano (Gondou) with Santi (Castro) because we believed that we could generate something against Brazil similar to that against Venezuela. We felt that we needed more offensive weight in the penalty area. I think we went to look for the win.

“The most important thing is what the boys have done today, qualified for hte Olympic Games once again. I have nothing to do with it, I just accompany this great group of players.

“The team played a great tournament, there are always things to improve. We were superior to all of our opponents but we got to the last match with an obligation to win.

“I am happy with what we have experienced. We have had a spectacular month, with the commitment of all the players who have come here. I know very well what it is like to miss a preseason, a start to a championship, losing a spot in your club but the players made this possible from day one. Like the case of Thiago, who, being a world champion, stepped up to lead this team.

“We lived it calmly. In the six previous matches, we always went out to look for the three points, our plan did not change. Argentina was the protagonist, having the ball. It was a matter of not despairing and taking advantage of the opportunities.”

He also spoke about Lionel Messi and Ángel Di María possibly playing at the Olympics with the team:

“Everyone already knows my friendship with Leo (Messi), the friendly that I have. A player like him has the doors open to accompany us, after that it depends on him and his commitments, obviously.

“The times of the senior national team with the Copa America is not easy. You have to be cautious, obviously we are going to talk. With Leo and Angel we have a spectacular relationship, we are friends. As a coach, I have the obligation of inviting them but one understands that they have other commitments and it will depend on that, it is not that simple.”


  1. Last time was a 22man squad with option for 3 overage players. The gap between Copa end & Olympics start is like just 10 days. So i dont think any of the Copa confirmations will make it to Olympics. So Messi / Dimaria is not feasible. I would want to build on the core of this squad & fill the problematic areas.
    GK – Gazzaniga , Brey, Joaquin Blazquez ( Platense) .
    CBs – Balerdi ( Marseille ) , Valentini, DiCesare, Medina ( Lens)
    RB – Nardoni , Agustin Giay
    LB – Barco ,Esquivel
    DM- Varela , Redondo
    CM – Equi Fernandez, Sforza, Alcaraz
    AM – Almada, Echiverri
    FW – Garnacho, Soule, Beltran, Gondou

    Replacements – Ledesma/S Romero ( overage), Senesi ( overage), Valentin Gomez, Pablo Maffeo (overage) Villagra , Peronne, VCarboni,Paz,Veliz, Pablo Solari, Farias

  2. Echeverri and Barco are a different breed. Don’t know how they are going to fare in a structured Euro environments cos they play football like street footballers. Joy to watch them both.
    Equi Fernandez is another who raised his level as the tournament progressed.
    The rest are decent. We can write off Sforza and Redondo for now as they are moving to Brazil and MLS respectively.
    Castro and Solari were the big flops.

    • There’s still no team making a serious offer for Almada yet……. At least some big clubs in Europe would like to inquire about Lo Celso……

      I agree that we have to take Lo Celso off the national team squad sooner rather than later, but a player from MLS is NEVER the answer. We have many talented midfielders now.

  3. I for one strongly doubt Messi will be anywhere near the Olympics. He’ll be 36, already playing at Inter Miami who expect the world from him, friendlies, and Copa!!
    Let’s assume for a min that by some miracle he decides to play, how will IM feel about it?
    I would want DEBU because this current U23 GK is very suspect and the other 2…..is a bit tricky.
    Is it still 3 spots open or more now?

      • we need a GK and 2 CBs for sure (Foyth, Perez, Balerdi, Medina, Senesi, LMQ) midfield and attack are stacked even without Enzo: Varela, Equi, Sforza, Villagra, Redondo, Hezze, Alcaraz, Paz, Buonanotte, Medina, Almada, Echeverri, Mastantouno, Garnacho, Soule, Carboni, Zeballos, Velasco, Solari, Veliz, Beltran, Gondou, Castro.

    • Yeah, Messi is not going to play the Olympics due to his obligations towards IM. But Mbappe will surely do that as it’s in his hometown. So I hope Arg will be able to muster a strong squad and beat the ninja turtle again in the final.

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