Enzo Fernández scores for Chelsea in 3-1 win vs. Crystal Palace


Enzo Fernández scored for Chelsea in their 3-1 win vs. Crystal Palace.

Fernández has made it two goals in his last two matches with Chelsea. With Chelsea leading 2-1, the Argentina received the ball inside the penalty area and faked out the defender twice before placing the ball to the goalkeeper’s right and scoring.


  1. His club form affected his National performance. I hope he gets better but Pochettinno is the wrong person for Chelsea. Chelsea needs a manager like Mourinho where players like Enzo Fernandez will thrive better.

  2. But his performance against a pressing Uruguay and against the likes of superfast Nunez, Velverde, Araujo disappointed me. Let’s hope we do better in March and Copa. Also the whole Scaloni saga is keeping me worried. We never came to know what happened and, if at all, how it got resolved. Testing times ahead of us.

    • Definitely. And no doubt that he will live up to our expectations. People set the bar high for him ignoring the fact that he moved to Europe only last season while playing for 02 elite clubs in his yet brief but overwhelmed spell. May be due to the purchase price, but who doesn’t cost that amount any more now in the world? Plus he is playing for a transitioning team. No need to be critical on his temporary forms-he is a pure jewel and class.

  3. Enzo Fernandez is top player I’m sure he will continue to grow even more, he is one all of aimar ,riquelme and redondo i mean he can play base of the midfielder or deep laying playmaker, as 8 b2b or as pure 10.

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