Champions League Round of 16 preview: Julián Álvarez and Nico Paz


The Champions League Round of 16 begins on Tuesday with two matches and both matches involved Argentine players.

Julián Álvarez and last season’s winners Manchester City travel to play Copenhagen in their first match. Álvarez has four goals and one assist in four Champions League matches this season with Manchester City.

In the second match on Tuesday, record Champions League winners Real Madrid have travelled away from Spain to play RB Leipzig. Nico Paz has been included in the team for the match.

Nico Paz has one goal in three matches for Real Madrid in the Champions League.


  1. I know it is early but what would be realistic 26 players for COPA 2024
    For me we have 6 slots from the team that play in WC.

      • This team is invincible mainly due to its chemistry. Unless the kid improves his attitude, he will struggle to break this bond and even if he did, it is too expensive for the team that won everything. Plus, Leo is the centrality of this team’s unity. Weirdo egomaniac ‘ve not figured this out yet like his highness model. Lately,he is even ignoring legends advices. I believe Soule,Echeverri, Barco, Bounetto and Almada are ready to step up.

        • I agree, those players are ready to step up, but Garnacho also needs to be integrated into the team. He is having a really good season and is very integral to Man Utd’s successful performances so far this season. He is getting better week by week and he cannot be a talent left to be excluded from the NT just because he grew up idolising CR7. In a couple of years he’s going to be an incredible player just like Di Maria. Di Maria never had a problem with CR7 and they actually contributed to each other’s success so people just need to leave Garnacho alone and accept him into the NT as he is Argentinian. Too many haters in the world. I remember the haters of Messi, Argentines, who said he never performed for Argentina like he did for Barca and blah, blah, blah…… creating noise just to show hate. Please grow up people and leave the politics and your personal agendas out of it and allow the managers to make their selections as they see fit.
          God bless Argentina 🇦🇷

  2. I can see plenty of new talents are coming. Which are the players can outshine others?
    I will go for :
    Echeverri, Barco, Nico paz, Matias soule.

    But there so many talented players in the same position. It will be difficult to final 23 in near future.

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