Alexis Mac Allister comments on winning the Carabao Cup, his Argentina teammates and more


Alexis Mac Allister was interviewed at his home in England by Argentine journalist Christian Martin for DSports and commented on winning the Carabao Cup, Boca Juniors and his Argentina teammates.

The 25-year-old midfielder has recently won the Carabao Cup with Liverpool beating Chelsea in the final 1-0 in extra time:

“They have been special days for me after having won the first title with the club.”

He also talked about having to play against his Argentina teammate Enzo Fernández:

“We respect each other a lot. We greet each other before the game. I have a great relationship with him. But when you enter the field, each one fights for his team.”

He was later asked about having to face Cristian Romero with Tottenham and he responded the following:

“With Cuti Romero we had some strong challenges; he is very aggressive and he would keep hitting you. But we have a great relationship, and it makes it easier.”

Mac Allister later compared Liverpool fans with his former team Boca Juniors fans:

“I always compare Liverpool to Boca for how the fans support here and the passion they have for their city and their team. They seem different from everything else.”

The Argentine also mentioned how he drives Virgil van Dijk crazy with the “andá pa’ llá bobo”:

“Me and Salah, all day long are saying “andá pa’ llá bobo” to Van Dijk. We are driving him crazy and we also say that to each other.”

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