Paulo Dybala and Leandro Paredes score for AS Roma in 4-1 win vs. Monza


Paulo Dybala and Leandro Paredes both scored for AS Roma in their 4-1 win vs. Monza.

Dybala and Paredes both found the back of the net and they continue their impressive run. With AS Roma leading 2-0, they were awarded a free kick and it was Dybala who placed the ball to take it.

The Argentine would strike it with his left foot into the bottom corner of the goal to reach 11 goals in Serie A. Dybala now has four goals in his last two matches.

Leandro Paredes would also step over a set piece. AS Roma were awarded a penalty and Paredes would take it, placing the ball into the top corner of the goal to give AS Roma the 4-0 lead.

Valentín Carboni was brought on as a substitute for Monza. Paulo Dybala, Leandro Paredes and Valentín Carboni have all been called up to the Argentina national team by coach Lionel Scaloni for the March friendly matches.


  1. MacAllister again with the man of the match performance. Provided winning assist in the last sec of the match! He is without doubt our best midfielder right no and top 3 midfielders of EPL! What a signing from Klopp!

  2. Dybala is in godly form right now but he has also already played 3 games in a row. Lets see how long does he last this time. Locelso, Palacios and Dybala , the three insanely talented players can’t play 4 games in a row to save their lives!!

    • Yeah like I said before Dybala is world class but also made of glass! So much so that it might not even be worth it to take him to copa as a sub because he’ll most likely be injured in training before the game even starts!
      Celso might even be worse that Paulo and that’s saying something! Honestly I’m close to giving up on Gio especially when there guys like Nico Dominguez and Lucas Robertone who I think deserve a chance and are very similar to Celso in style and ability. Infact I would take the aforementioned 2 and Varela over Celso, Palacios and Paredes to back up Depaul, Enzo and Alexis for copa if I were Scaloni.

      • Wrong at every level . You can say the same about Di Maria. That doesnt mean he shouldnt be in national team. In fact Dybala played few minutes in WC final and made two important contributions, stopped Mbappe solo run near the end and scored his penalty to put us ahead. In Finalissima, he only played few minutes aswell, and scored. In qualifier away game against Uruguay, he only played the first half and assisted Di Maria’s winner.

        • No you can’t say the same about Dimaria, the guy stays pretty fit thoughout his club season but he gives so much to his club that he came to the NT with fatigue and eventual injuries.
          With that being said he played copa and WC (almost) injury free.
          Dybala’s contributions are far and between, not enough to justify taking him ahead of someone with big potential like say Matias Soule.

          • Did you say Soule over Dybala? That’s huge disrespect. Soule numbers are being inflated because of the numbers of penalties taken. This year, his performances have faded contrary to the beginning of the season. Right now Frosinone are drawing at home against Lecce.

          • Yes I said a fit, young, eager, hungry Soule over a Dybala who, albeit very talented, couldn’t stay fit to save his life.
            4 out of Soule’s 10 goals came from penalties sure, but the fact that he has scored 10 for a team that is flirting with relegation tells a whole other story.
            Argentina can’t rely on glass players or players who aren’t fit. Think Aguero in 2014 or Lautaro in 22. If Argentina is to continue to win titles they need fit warriors like Mac, Enzo, De Paul, Julian ect….Young, hungry, fit, fit and FIT.

          • Underestimating Injury impact ve costed the team the glory of 2014 WC. Aguero, Gago and Maria especially when Lavezzi who was in inform of his life was substitued for Aguero. Soule needs to get his chances, tho I fully trust in Scaloni’s wisdom.perhaps Soule’s potential spot is tight enough for selection occupied by Alvarez, Gonzalez,Maria and Messi. Still makes little sense to put Soule behind Dybala and Garnacho in pecking order.

    • We don’t need Dybala to play 90 min every match. Messi is going to need rest. This is the perfect time for Dybala to join as his relief.

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