Argentina national team players arrive to Philadelphia


Argentina national team players have started to arrive in Philadelphia.

Nicolas Tagliafico was the first player to arrive to the United States for the team’s two matches. More players began to arrive, mostly those based in England.

Julián Álvarez, Cristian Romero, Gio Lo Celso, Facundo Buonanotte and Valentín Barco all arrived while Valentín Carboni and Nehuén Pérez are also with the team. More players are expected to arrive on Monday.

The Argentina national team will play a friendly match on March 22 against El Salvador in Philadelphia and on March 26 in Los Angeles against Costa Rica. Lionel Scaloni will be without both Lionel Messi and Paulo Dybala who will miss the matches due to injuries.


  1. Watching the team playing without Messi is always hard on the heart. But mind says the day is not far when that would be a regular affair. Messi struggling with injury. He is closer to a forced retirement than we think. Scaloni needs to build a new team and show his true mettle. Can he? I have my doubts and hopes.

    • He is nowhere closer to forced retirement. He has a minor muscle injury which is normal for any player.

      Regarding building a team without Messi, yes Scaloni must be already thinking about that but with Messi and Dimaria gone who is going to play the role of the creator? Dybala is always injured, Locelso can never be relied as a primary chance creator, MacAllister and Enzo are holding centre mids. Our wingers Nico and Garnacho, can they provide enough from the wings for us to challenge a power house nation? Lautaro and Alavrez both will need to start as Alavrez can provide some creativity upfront. Scaloni has his task cut out after Copa of he is to present any sort of chance for Argentina to retain the trophy.

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