Rumored Argentina starting XI vs. El Salvador


A rumored Argentina starting eleven is being reported by the media for the match vs. El Salvador.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni held a training session on Wednesday and the team is starting to take shape. According to media outlets in Argentina, the coach has some doubts in the starting line-up.

The first doubt is in the back between Nehuén Pérez and Nicolás Otamendi. In midfield, it’s between Leandro Paredes or Alexis Mac Allister and Gio Lo Celso or Nicolás González/

In attack, it’s between Lautaro Martínez and Julián Álvarez. Here is the rumored eleven for the match:

Emiliano Martínez; Molina, Romero, Nehuén Pérez or Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes or Mac Allister, Enzo, Lo Celso or Nicolás González; Di María, Lautaro Martínez or Julián Álvarez


  1. Elsalvador 1-1 bonaire
    Scaloni should use young player,otamendi?dmaria?we win this game,we must new team with new young players

  2. I hope Scaloni learned his lessons vs Uruguay and starts dropping out some of the aging champions. That game exposed some weaknesses. I hope he is bold enough to bench who ever is performing below standard on matchday, be it Messi or Di Maria during the Copa.

    • Do you think it was the older players that lost us vs Uruguay ? That is not the case… the 1st goal was Molina and Nico Gonzalez’s faults as Molina lost the ball and Nico didn’t track his man back in time at the back post. (both young players.)
      The next good opportunity for Uruguay came when dibu didn’t come out off his line on a through ball that could have easily be intercepted.
      The second goal was unfortunate that the whole team was up at the front 20 yards trying to tie the game in the last minutes and otamendi was left on a 80 yard sprint with Nuñez but you could have put any of our center defenders in our illustrious history and none of them would have stop Nuñez in that particular situation.

      Now I will say that Bielsa always played a through ball into no man’s land when Argentina lost possession around midfield since our center defenders were up field. Which is just a great tactic knowing our offensive formation and weaknesses. In these instances Dibu must be able to have the instincts to attack the through ball at the top of his box and hence cutting down the space in which otamendi, Lisandro or Cuti have to race back against faster and younger competition.

      • Ok. What about France in the Final? Was it not Otamendi cause the penalty and and almost cost is the Cup, thanks to Dibu? IMO we need a new defense excluding Otamendi and Pezella.

  3. Really want to see someone younger as Central defender instead of Otamendi. Like for Messi and Di Maria, Scaloni should start building the future beyond Otamendi. He has been a star performer. But France and Uruguay showed that he is ageing beyond 70 mins.

  4. Without Messi and Dimaria this is our strongest lineup

    Molina– Romero– Lisandro — Tagliafico

    ——- Enzo———Palacios—–

    ————MacAllister– Locelso——-

    ——–‐—- Alvarez——Lautaro——-

    Alavrez as a second forward and MacAllister & Locelso playing infront of two holding mids Enzo and Palacios. MacAllister is better finisher more creative than Enzo this season.

  5. Let Perez start as centre back, Scaloni must think ahead otamendi isn’t getting younger and probably copa America will be his last tournament

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