Matías Soulé scores a Puskas contender in Argentina U23’s 4-2 win vs. Mexico


Matías Soulé scored a Puskas goal contender in Argentina U23’s 4-2 win vs. Mexico.

Soule scored one of the best goals of the year with Thiago Almada scoring the first and Lucas Beltrán scoring two for Argentina. Javier Mascherano fielded a strong team and bench in their win.

The Argentina U23 team were awarded a penalty and it was Thiago Almada who took it and scored to give Argentina the 1-0 lead. Almada gave Argentina the lead and Soulé scored the goal of the match.

Garcia played a cross into the penalty area and Soulé would flick it on with his left foot and score one of the best goals. Mexico would draw level at 2-2 going into the second half.

Lucas Beltrán would give Argentina the 3-2 lead just three minutes after half time. A flick pass by Medina to Solari and his effort was saved by the goalkeeper but Beltrán would score on the rebound.

Solari would get another assist for a Beltrán goal. He would win the ball back on the wing, cut inside and dribble a defender, passing the ball to Beltrán who would score from close range.


  1. 🚨🗣️Gerard Pique :
    “When I was playing with young Cristiano Ronaldo at Man United, he was a winger and was skillful. When he joined Real, he changed and focused more on scoring goals because that was the only way he could get in a conversation that involves Messi”

    Tapin master and his fans still trying hard to convince the world that he is on par with Messi who is the greatest striker/midfielder hybrid. Maradona was the greatest attacking midfielders who could score goals that no strikers could score and Messi a striker who could control the game from the midfield that could only be rivaled by Diego!

  2. Excellent first goal from Germany…Young players doing great..

    I am sure Scaloni knows the importance of the need for young fast players that are required within the team..

  3. Imagine if Echeverri reach his full potential in City only then I wanna see him play in that position of Lo Celso,what he played in last game . My God he will kill that position under this coaching staff. A guy can dribble,pass ,quick feet and good finisher than Lo Celso. I’m licking my lips already for future.

  4. First off I would like to say how happy I am to be here, and with all my mundo comrades and friends.
    2nd here is our starting lineup if Copa was tomorrow:

    Depaul- Enzo- paredes-mac
    (Ready for the “u crazy Sorin”)

  5. Brazil vs England, Germany vs France… meaningful friendlies to test their strength and weakness.
    Cannot say this about our freindlies though…
    El Salvador, Costarica 🧐😵‍💫🙄

    • They have a lot of good players upfront Buchanan, Davies, Estaquiao, Larin, Jonathan David, Ugbo but their defenders are not up to the mark. Peru and Chile will park the bus against us but Canada a very naive, attacking minded team so it will be our easiest match at Copa.

  6. Return of kross. Makes this German team very good. They have balance of exp and musiala and wirtz are good young attackers

  7. Enzo + MacAllister duo to me is at the same level as Kross+Modric and Xavi/Iniesta. We should aim to win as many trophies as possible in this generation. They are truly phenomenal.

      • I agree. Enzo needs to improve which he can. These skill mids take longer to develop. For example, Modric and Xavi were nothing special till their mid 20s.

        Mac Allister is a class of his own at the moment. None of our mids are close.

        Let’s hope Enzo regains his sharpness by the Copa. Disappointed we didn’t get to see Exequiel Palacios.

  8. Garnacho should be given minutes in every match from now onwards. The guy has the talent to become one of the best in his generation. After Copa America, he’s our new Di Maria.

    Garnacho -Soule …. on the wings… will be a great future for Argentina.

  9. Barco and Garnacho combined well on the left, as if they’ve been playing together for some time now…Barco tucked in often, playing as inverted fullback, basically as a left-attacking mid while Garnacho stayed wide and dribbled inside. Very interesting…

    Perez did an OK job as makeshift RB but he’s an underrated CB imo, he’s a bit like Cuti a few years ago, a similar profile…

  10. Left back position is our most secured. We have plenty of good young left backs. LISANDRO MARTINEZ, NICOLAS VALENTINI, FACUNDO MEDINA all can play at left back position. They are makeshift leftbacks, right now all of them are in better shape than MARCOS ACUNA. ACUNA is dwelling with his fitness. The best prospect of replacing MARCOS ACUNA is VALENTINE BARCO. SCALONI should select BARCO ahead of ACUNA.

  11. Argentina has always been the country producing world class attacking players and has historically been dependent on them but in this batch of players, our midfield is our strength. Spain won the 2010 world cup because their midfield dominated the tournament.

    Based on form, talent and IQ my rankings of our mids


    Some areas this team could improve is the bench and backup players. We don’t have a proper backup for Molina, Monteil is inconsistent and average. Left back situation is even worse, both Tagliafico and Acuna can only be a backup in 2026. Not sure if we can play Licha as a LB and pair Seneni or Perez with Romero. Because right now, Scaloni hasn’t tried any new LB who seem to be the a serious contender to be our starting LB.

    Regarding wingers, Garnacho is hands down our no1 winger right now. He creates a ton of chances, has great positioning & pace but needs to work on his finishing. He wastes a lot of chances. Nico, he hasn’t been the same since the injury. I am sure after Copa, Scaloni will inject the much needed youngsters into the lineup. But for the COPA America this year, expect pretty much the same lineup as the world cup, with couple new players.

    • Agree generally but we have Valentín Barco for fullback. He was pretty good but untested on defense.

      RDP is our 2nd most important mid even if not our 2nd best cause he covers Messi’s zone which nobody else can do.

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