Cristian Romero on the Olympics, Lisandro Martínez and Alejandro Garnacho


Cristian Romero spoke about the Olympics, Lisandro Martínez and Alejandro Garnacho being with the Argentina national team.

Romero cored in Argentina’s 3-0 win vs. El Salvador and gave an interview on Sunday about two players. In an interview with Gastón Edul, the 25 year old spoke about the Olympic games:

“I was never able to be in the Olympic Games and I would love it, anything for the Argentina national team. It doesn’t depend on me but if Masche wants to take me, obviously I’m available.”

Lisandro Martínez being with the Argentina national team while being injured. Here is what he had to say:

“It’s nice to see that desire to come even though the club didn’t allow it because he was injured. I am surprised by what happens in other countries that don’t feel the same way.

“Here, we are a family and you say “how long until we are all together again?” There, you see another group and news comes out of a player that is going back because they are fighting for a league or because the coach is afraid of players getting injured.

“They tell Licha that he has to return earlier and I’m sure he says no. Same thing for any of us, that is admirable.”

The World Cup champion also spoke about Alejandro Garnacho:

“He is going to give a lot to this national team. It’s not easy to adapt to this group but I see him well.

“He is very shy but I see him very well with a big future. It will depend on him how far he wants to go.”


  1. For Olympic Team We have enough attacking young stars. We lack a little in the defensive department.
    I would love to see these 3 senior players called up with the U23 team.

    Dibu, Cuti and Licha

    Bring it on 🔥🥇

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