Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni: “We are going to make 5 or 6 changes”


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has stated that they are going to make five or six changes for the match against Costa Rica.

Lionel Scaloni stated that the team which will start against Costa Rica is not the same one that won 3-0 against El Salvador on Friday. Scaloni spoke at a press conference on Monday and here is what he had to say:

“I see Ángel Di María well and he will start. He knows that he has our full support for whatever he needs. The important thing is that he plays, that will relax him a little. What I spoke with him about, I keep to myself.

“We are going to make 5 or 6 changes. I would like to give Walter Benítez the chance.”

“That Garnacho can play among the starters is a possibility.

“When a new kid comes in, we need to see how he gets along and how he understands his team mates. The trainings are worth it but it is very important to see them in the matches and these friendly matches help with that.

“I want to continue to enjoy the process and all the moments.”


  1. Its a good thing if Scaloni is enjoying the process. Great for our chances indeed. It could get really boring when you have won everything.

    • Didier Deschamp might not agree with you. He is continuing well even after one win and one missing by whiskers. Same with actors winning multiple Oscars. Same with Messi winning multiple Balons. The question is about enjoying the job at hand. I am feeling worried if Scaloni is still enjoying the process.

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