Names expected to start for Argentina against Costa Rica


Several names are expected to start for the Argentina national team against Costa Rica.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to make four changes from the team which won 3-0 on Friday vs. El Salvador. According to Gastón Edul, Julián Álvarez, Alexis Mac Allister, Nahuel Molina and Nicolas Otamendi will all start Tuesday’s match.

Lisandro Martínez, who is injured but trained with the team for their match against El Salvador, is flying back to Manchester to continue his recovery.


  1. As long as the core group of players are selected we should be fine this COPA. Unlike 2018 our core group of players were all washed out and had overstayed their welcome! This time our core group of players beside Messi , Dimaria and Otamendi are all young are approaching their peak in 2026. Additionally, these friendlys more important in maintaining the chemistry & cohesion than just winning, which is why Licha was invited to attend the training.

    • Di maria will retire from international football after copa America and I think otamendi will be force to retire due his age plus scaloni and co must plan in the future

    • Expecting Soule, Almada,Perez and Barco to slowly take over current aging players spots, atleast after Copa. Had Olympic not been overlapping, Almada’s (very efficient for his age) selection should ‘ve been automatic ahead of many youngsters. Am hoping Romero’s progress is under radar as well. The physical limits of these type of players is well compensated by thier talent, skill and technical attributes, though not landing in right clubs yet.

  2. Apart from the Friendly contender team. Appreciation to Scaloni has given a chance to the new youngster and their performance is not bad at all, chemistry has to be built up among the senior and younger generations. It is a good decision and move. The upcoming Copa is less than 100 days so the final stage preparations have to be made; don’t hesitate and be late to delete the old guard. However, we have to accept they are still performing well so let it be on the team

    • Yes, 100 days it is and due that how many teams will Qualify from theese 4 groups as will it be only the ones who top their groups or 2 teams from each group and then perhaps quarterfinals and semi’s before the finale and will they also be playing for a third place….? According to groups Brazil’s group D with Colombia, Paraguay and Costa Rica might end up being the tightest as even Brazil won England in their last friendly, well Still just an friendly, though good away result, but also Colombia beat Spain and remain unbeaten i think for 20 games or so as thai also shows, that it is not easy for the European’s against teams from SA etc…

      So i think Uruguay and Colombia will be ARG’s most difficult games if theese teams will face each other and somehow not seing Brazil, that strong, though offcourse never can count them off, but ARG and Scaloni & Co has nice selection dilemma ahead of them, which is only a positive one if everyone just please, stay healthy and un injured!

      Though ARG’s group with Peru, Chile and Canada is not really an walkover in the park even i truly hope so!

      As obviously there are no easy games in Copa and the new format looks even better than old one, which i allways had ranked tougher, than Euro’s as only back in 80’s when they were only 8 teams( 2 groups ) in the Euro’s it was far more competive than the current Euro’s, so the expanded version of it have not really made me, that intrested as somehow this new Copa format is looking more quite the opposite and, though i liked the old version of it as well ( obviously ) it will be intresting with all theese 4 groups indeed, so really looking forward ARG beating Chile and everyone else too and LIFTING ANOTHER THE TROPHY ONCE MORE🇦🇷🙌 AS IT WILL BE AN RECORD THAN NONE CAN REPEATE! 🇦🇷🙏🇦🇷

  3. Why otamendi?I remamber how young Michel Owen dribble Roberto Ayala in 1998 World Cup…
    And I am worry about history will happen on Otamendi

    • You have a good point. But The reason he is there is to get some time, he will be subbed 2nd half immediately tho I think.
      The reason he has to be there is because his experience, ability and his knowledge of the system we have been working. Hopefully this will rub off on young defenders and he will do his part without any blunders. He is still a good defender. This is his last year with the holy Argentina jersey on.
      And …Don’t worry as I don’t think he will be getting as many minutes. But if we are playing in a knock out match tomorrow then otsmendi would probably have to start, he’s old but has been tried vs. the young and untested

    • Why do we have to go so far behind in time? Even in the recent past we consumed 2 goals in 2 matches after the 75th minute. Otamendi was slow for the tackle which led to France’s first penalty. And what about the Uruguay match? We saw Otamendi sprinting behind Nunez, who is one of the fastest now. Otamendi still deserves a starting lineup call. But he should be subbed after 65th.

  4. For the matter of who should be called up for the Olympic team, as I said the day ARG qualified about a no-brainer, DEBU. Their regular GK was suspect at best and Debu will no doubt step up to the plate with his tips and tricks.

    • IMHO I would rather have a solid defender than a solid “last man standing”. So Cuti, Messi and De Paul would be my choice, if Di Maria is hell bent not to agree.

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