Emiliano Martínez speaks about the Argentina national team and Olympics


Emiliano Martínez spoke about the Argentina national team and the Olympics.

Martínez has won everything there is to win with the Argentina national team and we could be seeing him at the Olympics. Argentina Olympic coach Javier Mascherano will get to take three players over the age of 23 and Martínez spoke about possibly being one of those players. Speaking in an interview with DSports, here is what he had to say:

“The excitement of going to the Olympics is there. If Javier wants us, we are available.

“The national team is ahead of the clubs, if they don’t want to let us go, we always have the power to say the national team is ahead. Cuti and Ota also want to go.”


  1. Unless there is a season break during the Olympics why would Villa let its star goal keeper miss a month of futbal? Furthermore, Masch shouldn’t select any player from the senior team. We need to test our under 23 players against other team’s under 23 players. No senior player should be selected, not even Messi who already won the Olympics.

  2. Emi seems to become the spokesperson for the N/T players. Emi, Cuti and Taglafico inclusion is interesting. Bring Ota to the Olympics but as an assistant coach

  3. Argentina U23 need good gk and CBs. If Martinez, Romero, taglafico will go to Olympics. Argentina can won Olympics too.
    RB Romero, taglafico, barco
    Medina varela equi
    Soule beltran almada

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