Enzo Fernández negotiating with Chelsea to go to the Olympics with Argentina


Enzo Fernández is negotiating with Chelsea to go to the Olympics with Argentina.

Fernández wants to go to the Olympics. According to Fernando Czyz, the 23 year old is negotiating with his club and wants to be with the Argentina national team at the Olympics in France.

At only 23 year, he would not occupy an overage spot in the team.


  1. If he will be selected for COPA , I find that decision quite selfish. Selecting him at expense of other equally good young players will be unfair. Mascherano has likes of Varela, Equi Fernandez, Soule, Almada, Echeverri. I fail to understand why most of the senior players are pushing to play for both Olympics and COPA. I find it quite disrespectful to U23 players. My honest verdict is only Messi, Dimaria and Dibu deserve the three extra spots for the overage players.

    • How does the nonsense you wrote make sense to you? You are ok with older players (Messi and Di Maria) who have played and won the Olympics going but think it’s selfish and disrespectful for a younger player who hasn’t gone to go? Get real man. 😂

  2. Let us be realistic guys! Chelsea will never allow Enzo to go to Olympics! Not when their whole team is going through a abysmal phase, their high profile transfers aren’t able to pull Chelsea out of the midtable ! Every Chelsea post match analysis starts with how Chelsea’s €250+ midfield duo aren’t performing up to the mark and how Chelsea should have never bought these two and kept their core group of players. And if they decide to let one of them go off to the Olympics for a month then Chelsea’s joke administration will lose any little respect left of their fans.

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