Emiliano Martínez: “We needed a big game in Europe against an England or a Spain”


Emiliano Martínez spoke about Argentina’s match against El Salvador and how he would have preferred to have played against an England or a Spain.

Martínez played in Argentina’s 3-0 win vs. El Salvador earlier this month and he stated that they would have liked to have played against a different team. Speaking in an interview with DSports, here is what he had to say:

“No disrespect to El Salvador but we would have liked to have played against a top country, we needed a big game in Europe against an England or a Spain.”

Argentina are set to play two friendly matches in June before the Copa America.


  1. “Alvarez is 25 yrs and playing for the best club in the world and actually getting a decent amount of playing time.”

    I am glad Alvarez doesn’t hold himself to the same low standards like this comment. It was evident by his facial expression and body language , yesterday! He was not happy to be benched in such an important game and decisive stage of the league. He is a winner and has all the skills require to out perform his team-mates Foden, Doku, Grealish and Haaland who was so mediocre yesterday that Roy Keane compared him to a league-2 striker. Yes, he will get his chances again but he needs to perform and score goals to regain Pep’s confidence like the beginning of the season when he was the prominent player for City!

  2. After the international break some of our players who missed games for their clubs due to injury got some minutes or were at least on the bench:

    – Lo Celso played around 27 minutes, subbed Maddison
    – Licha came on too, played 40 minutes or so
    – Montiel was an unused sub but recovered from injury
    – Acuña played 88 minutes for Sevilla

    Regarding Lo Celso, one of his underrated strengths is his link-up with Messi when both are playing. He’s probably doing it better than any of our other midfielders including De Paul, Enzo and Mac Allister. When both Lo Celso and Messi play, there is this dynamic presence that is felt when those two combine.

  3. Makes me incredibly happy to think I was right about Macca all along. Fans are so sometimes too ugly and illogically harsh on players. Unfortunately now it’s Enzo who is having a torrid time. I still think he can be world class. This Chelsea is a hard place tbh. But he can still be a perfect mid. Also , I think it’s stupid to completely put down GLC. His fitness is abysmal no doubt. But when fit he is genuinely incredible. So all this fraud etc is dumb hyperbole.

    • I prefer Arsenal. The moment Liverpool trolled and disrespected Messi after 4-0 win, I hated that club. I will be happy just for Macalister but to be honest I prefer Arsenal.

  4. Julian stays in Man City = Almada stays in MLS. Same loser mentality.

    If he doesn’t move out of City this summer, we have plenty of No.9s that can replace him.

    • Here you are again leaving another dumb comment. Alvarez is 25 yrs and playing for the best club in the world and actually getting a decent amount of playing time. Why should he leave City? What rule says he has to play every single game or start? He traveled to play for Argentina and played a 90 minute game. Pep has to rotate his players to keep them fresh and prevent injuries. Even if Alvarez never plays for Argentina again he has pretty much won everything there is to win except for the Olympics. It’s too bad that a loser like yourself can’t recognize this. Smh.

      • He should leave. Today when Man City needed a goal desperately and Haaland has a bad match, he wasn’t given a look. Needs to get out and lead the line for a club.

        • why are you disrespecting an Argentine Player like this?

          Along other strong countries like France Italy Germany England Brazil and whoever, Lo Celso would be a starter… Right now we are very blessed with Midfielders… That’s why GLC is in pecking order #4
          You are also disrespecting the World Champions Manager Scaloni it is his choice and he chooses GLC..

          Please respect our players, Country and managers

    • Let’s stop overreacting. I said a while ago that when you see Foden outshine Alvarez scoring more goals,that’s a red flag. Honestly Alvarez was given his chances in Haaland’s absence and failed to capitalize.

        • Relax guys we are all in the same team. Though I dont agree with Karl sonetimes or the way he writes sometimes. I do see his point here. Its not a dire situation that Alvarez has to move no matter what. Alvarez is in a good place right now but I think Karl meant good by saying that he should move to a club that would put him as the main forward. Alvarez has learned what he has to learn from Pep and unless Pep does not start him often Alvarez has to move forward. It will help him grow further. And about Almada, I think the kid is good and eventualy he will move to Europe especially if he comes good in the Olympics. There is no rush yet because there is an Olympic to play for and so far he is doing great.

  5. Alverz must move out of man city, he is our only player who capable to score 30goals per season apart from lautaro in post messi era
    So he must be in polished shape

  6. Alvarez is officially a bench player in City now. He watched the entirety of the important match against Arsenal from bench while the players he is competing for playing time all played , some started and some were subbed in. Alvarez did everything Pep asked him to do. He always looked for teammates in better position before shooting. He happily played as a winger, attacking mid , second striker and no9 but now is behind everyone in pecking order. Argentina’s ace striker, is forced to sit and watch the match from the stands. Some of you have very low standards for him and are happy that he is a rotation player and boast about his stats but when players like Foden, Doku , Grealish are regularly picked ahead of him those stats are just average stats for City standards.

    The only way Alavrez can lift himself up is by raising his standards and play selflish. He needs to take his chances in the box and score some goals instead of just playing as a service provider to Foden, Silva and Haaland. The young players in City capitalized on the absence of Haaland and Debrune and now are regular starters and our star player is stuck on the bench. 25 G/A might be great stats for some of you but someone so talented like Alvarez in City it is not enough.

    • Let’s wait for a few more games before jumping to any conclusion. However, he could not capitalize on the absence of Haaland and do something like Lautaoro. Instead Foden did better. Foden is improving at club level faster than him. He still has the opportunity to outshine in the albiceleste outfit. Frankly his performance against Costa Rico was below par too. He missed a seater from inside the box. He needs to do better. At least under Pep, there is no scope for mediocrity.

  7. What an amazing midfield performance by Maca. What a developed player he is. This is value of working with Zervi and Klopp. Klopp has developed countless players.

    Every time Maca got the ball there is a hope. I agree he seems to be main future for us.

    Hats off for a stellar midfielder

    • Nah, Mac has been continually improving for years. Don’t forget how great he was Brighton and Argentina before Liverpool. He’s one of those players who relies on intelligence and therefore takes longer to mature. Klopp gets credit for recognizing he was the best mid for Brighton and Argentina.

  8. MacAlister is the best Argentine midfielders by a mile. On the other side Bounanonte was disappointing. Dezerbi playing Valentin barco for only a minute was the most disrespectful thing

    • Disrespectful simply because he’s an Argentine and you think all Argentines deserve to play all the time? Have you forgotten he’s still 19 and recently moved to that club and subbing players on for one minute (while I disagree with that) is the typical thing in pro-football and nothing personal against one player.

  9. MacAllister with another stellar performance for Liverpool, provided an inch perfect through ball to Salah to score the winner. I can’t stress this enough that once Messi and Dimaria hang their boots, he should be our main source of creativity from the central midfield. Had Enzo waited and moved to a better established and set team , he would be enjoying the same recognition like Alexis. All the hard work he puts in for that mediocre Chelsea teams goes to waste. Unlike other midfielders Enzo refuses to pass backwards and has one of the best progressive passes that creates multiple chances but unlike MacAllister his finishing isn’t up to the mark. We need to build our team around the midfield strength of MacAllister, Enzo, Depaul, Locelso and Palacios, post COPA.

    • Yes, we should recall that in the World Cup, Scaloni figured out playing Mac farther up and Enzo deeper worked better. Mac was very good at linking up with Messi. Enzo is best as a deep lying mid. He’s not at all a classic #10 as some wanted him to be. Forcing him up further has led to a subpar year IMO.

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