Aston Villa coach Unai Emery on Emiliano Martínez: “For me, the best”


Aston Villa coach Unai Emery spoke about Emiliano Martínez, calling him the best goalkeeper in the world.

Emiliano Martínez made two saves for Aston Villa in the penalty shootout against Lille in the Europa League and became the star of the match. Aston Villa coach Unai Emery spoke at a press conference on Friday about Martínez. Here is what he had to say:

“He is being successful with Argentina. He is being successful, progressively getting better here with Aston Villa and individually, he’s being successful because he’s saving a lot of matches as a goalkeeper.

“Of course he’s one of the best goalkeepers in the world. The first, the second, the third? For me, the best.”


  1. I don’t see Alvarez starting in Copa America they way he plays for city. Also I don’t see Alvarez starting any matches till end of the season..

  2. Chelsea vs City review

    Enzo was good and made some good progressive passes and almost had an assist with a great intelligent well timed long ball but Jackson bottled it and couldn’t even take a shot. Had Chelsea signed a better striker Enzo assists would be in double digits this season. When he was subbed out few mins before regulation time, the remaining 10+ min Chelsea could barely get the ball out of their halves indicating how much Chelsea’s midfield is dependent on Enzo.

    Regarding Alvarez, he made some clever good passes to Debrune resulting in nothing. Had very few shots on goal and those weren’t easy chances at all. However, whenever City was near the opposition box , Julian was either outside on the wings or in a position where feeding him any ball would result in a waste. He really needs to work on his positioning otherwise his goal drought will continue. Already his team-mates are ignoring him and if his positioning is so poor then why would anyone pass to him?

    • I beg to disagree on Enzo Fernandez. Yes he had some great moments but he was been kind of lazy and slow. And my criticism is not based on today’s match only but for that last 4-5 months; Especially his performances vs Sheffield was very bad. For instance in today’s match, City could run circles around Chelsea midfield but Enzo was sometimes just walking leaving all hustling to Caicedo. Defensively he is a liability. He was slow to react to that debryne pass that lead to goal. As much as we might use cucurella as scapegoat, Enzo should have reacted quickly. Enzo Fernandez at previous season showed better performances. And that’s all down to Pochettinno.

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