Alejandro Garnacho scores and wins the FA Cup with Lisandro Martínez and Manchester United


Alejandro Garnacho scored in the FA Cup final and started the match with Lisandro Martínez for Manchester United in their 2-1 win vs. Manchester City.

Garnacho started and scored in the FA Cup final for Manchester United. It was a piece of misscommunication in the Manchester City back line and Garnacho kept running towards goal and the ball fell to the Argentine who scored to give United the 1-0 lead.

The Argentine how now scored and won both the Youth FA Cup and the FA Cup with Manchester United. Lisandro Martínez also started and shut down Erling Haaland and City’s attack.

Julián Álvarez was substituted into the match for Manchester City and missed an opportunity in front of goal to score City’s first goal of the match.

All three players are included in the provisional Argentina national team for the Copa America.


  1. Pep Guardiola: “Lisandro Martínez is top 5 centre-backs in the world”.

    “He made the difference on this game by playing passes through our defence”.

  2. Pep Guardiola: “Lisandro Martínez is top 5 centre-backs in the world”.
    “He made the difference on this game by playing passes through our defence”.

      • Bro Licha is unable to play one f.cking game over. What do you want? Always injured.
        Otamendi is elite ball progressor too btw+better in the air (our weakness)+bigger leader+clutch goalscorer

        • Yes he had an very unfortunate this season, but i dont think he has been so prone to injuries before…? In the air Ota surely better, but against fast legs Licha must better + with the ball too as his passing skills are way better than Ota’s !

        • With all due respect otamendi is big liability, we are lucky that we have got good players right time de Paul generation I meant likes Emi, cuti molina , Alvarez, enzo macca paredes, Palacios lo celso Lautaro licha, otherwise we won’t anything without those players, otamendi almost coast us world Cup by single handly.

    • Yes i think he played really really well and it is never easy again City or any of Pep’s team and not easy at all when u have not hardly played through the whole season !

      Allways was and will be his big admirer and hopefully he will get back to playing a whole 90 min+ and having a good COPA ( even if he will not start ) and good and solid next season !

  3. This is that kind of a report, where you don’t know whether you should feel happy for Garnacho for scoring a gifted goal or sad for Julian, who despite all the hard work missed the second easiest chance of the day. Next season would not begin on a very positive note for Julian but Garnacho is having a ball. Anyway, for us both are gems to count on in the Copa. Scaloni might not start with either of them. With Lautaro in better form, he might revert back to Messi + Di Maria + Lautaro. Canada would be a difficult opponent to start with. We cannot afford another Al-Saqour incident.

    • Very true and was good to see Licha playing for 70 min ( aproximatly ) he played with lot of confidence too and this game will surely do wonder’s also for Garnacho’s confidence as he took a good shot from a quiet narrow angle too🇦🇷🫶🇦🇷

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