Leandro Paredes on Paulo Dybala: “I noticed he was very sad to be left out”


Leandro Paredes spoke about being with the Argentina national team and Paulo Dybala’s absence from the team.

Paredes is in Argentina and commented on being part of the Argentina national team. At the airport in Argentina, here is what he had to say to the media:

“We come with the same illusion that we always have.”

He was also asked about Paulo Dybala’s absence, having not been called up for the two friendly matches in June and the provisional team for the Copa America:

“I noticed he was very sad to be left out.”


  1. I wish things have turned out better for him, nobody can doubt his talent or passion and he never said or did anything outta line to jeopardize his chances with the Albiceleste.
    He scored vs Italy and made his pk count vs Frenchy, I just wish he wasn’t so damn injured all the time!

  2. Dybala isn’t even half the talent and player messi is. Stop whining about dybala being left out. His penalty was a poor one in the shootout.. luckily for us it went in. He is a good player thats it. He should be happy he is a world champion

    • I would love him to be on the list. However even before selection of 29 players, I said Dybala lacks explosiveness. He is not a workhorse who can press, make defensive contribution like correa, Gonzalez. That was my main criticism of Dybala even before Scaloni made the list.
      His omission was tactical.

      • I agree that Dybala is very talented but lacks the ability he be a hard runner like Correa.
        I think if we didn’t have Messi or Di Maria, we would totally bring Dybala because he is a similar player that can make something out of nothing.
        But because we have Messi, we need younger/hardworking/fast players to compliment him.
        That’s why I think Garnacho is actually a really good addition. He will force someone to cover him on the wing all the time and open up more space.

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