Ángel Di María could continue his career in Rosario Central, then Inter Miami


Per reports, Ángel Di María could continue his career in Rosario Central and then sign with Inter Miami.

The 36-year-old winger has a contract with Benfica until June of this year. Although the Portuguese club is trying to make him renew for one more year, Di María’s plans would be to play in his childhood team for six months.

Rosario has become a dangerous city in recent years and Di María’s family has received some death threats in the last months. Per these reports, this would be the reason why Ángel’s wife and children would go to Miami after the Copa America, while he plays in Rosario Central for half a year. Then, he would move to Miami in January of 2025 to end his career in Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami.

“Fideo” is one of the great Argentine players abroad who has always expressed his desire to, at some point, play again for his childhood club.

Former Argentina player and Rosario Central legend Kily González talked about Di María’s possible arrival:

“As long as he is happy with his family, I will be happy too. But let no one have any doubt that he is dying to wear the Central jersey. It is the dream he has had since he left. I hope, God willing, to our club, that he can fulfill it. But I cannot be selfish and think about what I want, but rather respect what he decides.”

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    • Not exactly old good days my friend. the 2002 have been deleted from my brain disk ha ha ha
      He was decent player true.

      • Yes my frien, the 2002 WC was a huge dissapointment and nothing particular to remember for us as fan of ARG’s🇦🇷….

        Kily, though brings me lot of memories from good old Valencia days, back then, when Valencia was once one of greatest teams in Spain obviously loaded with plenty Argentine🇦🇷 players⚽️🇦🇷

    • Yes, SorinxCrespo as he allways gave his maximum for the club and country🇦🇷,though not, that talented, but had a some good year’s in Valencia with the likes of Claudio Lopez, Pellegrino, Ayala & Aimar….🇦🇷🙌🇦🇷

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