Julián Álvarez speaks on Lionel Messi, his season, Manchester City


Julián Álvarez spoke about Lionel Messi, his season and Manchester City.

Álvarez has landed in Argentina and will begin training with the Argentina national team next week. The 24 year old was asked by the media in Argentina on if he thinks Lionel Messi will continue playing with the Argentina national team. Here is what he had to say:

“Let’s hope so. He will decide until when but hopefully he will. We want him to be there.”

The Argentine was also asked about his season and Manchester City:

“I’m already in my second year. I played a lot of minutes in most of the games this season, especially in the first 6 months and I think I did a good job. I feel adapted to the league and let’s hope that what’s to come will be even better.

“It was a very good season, I think. We won the Premier League, we were in the final of the FA Cup, we competed in the Champions League, I think it was a great season.”

Argentina play two friendly matches in June before the Copa America. Álvarez has been included in the Argentina team for those two matches and the provisional team for the Copa America.

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  1. Can anyone here please tell me if Enzo’s shot vs Netherlands did not hit the post would it go in? What I mean is that, either hit the post or the goalkeeper would save it: were these the only two options for him? Thanks in advance for all the criticisms and insults.

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