Lionel Messi scores for Inter Miami in 3-1 loss vs. Thiago Almada’s Atlanta United


Lionel Messi scored for Inter Miami in their 3-1 loss vs. Thiago Almada’s Atlanta United.

Messi started the match for Inter Miami and scored, reaching 11 goals in the MLS this season. With Atlanta United leading 2-0, the ball fell to Messi on the outside of the penalty area and similar to his goal for Argentina against Mexico at the World Cup, his effort went into the bottom corner of the goal.

He now has 24 goals for Inter Miami, five less than Higuaín who holds the records of 29 goals for the club.

Thiago Almada started the match for Atlanta United and was one of the players of the match. He was involved in Atlanta United’s third goal of the match.

Federico Redondo returned into the starting eleven for Inter Miami and along with Marcelo Weigandt and Tomás Avilés, started the match for Inter Miami.

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