Ángel Di María receives threats in Rosario, Argentina


Ángel Di María has received a new threat in Rosario, Argentina.

Di María continues to receive threats towards him. According to Belén Corvalán, a service station in Rosario, Argentina was shot at and the gun men left a note saying “We are waiting for you, Di María”.

The 36 year old has been receiving threats for the last several weeks with this being the latest one. Rumors have been growing this week that Di María could be returning to Rosario Central before joining Inter Miami with another report has Di María agreeing to financial terms with Inter Miami.


  1. Angel Maria need to have a bodyguard and more security
    Fiorentina failed again to win the UEFA Europe Conference League. Nico Gonzales and Lucas Martinez Quarta did not perform well. Sadly, La Viola didn’t have a lethal striker and missed a lot of chances. A boring final game. Terrible finishing

    More eager and interested to watch Ortega and Hezze, a good performance

    • Nico Gonzalez failed to step up. He had a bad performance. Lucas Martinez impressed me, especially with his long passes. When it comes to defending he always ok but not great.

      Ortega and Santiago Hezze. Both of them were sensational especially Hezze on that midfield