Cristian Romero speaks on Argentina team, Emiliano Martínez, Paulo Dybala absence


Cristian Romero spoke about the Argentina national team, Emiliano Martínez and Paulo dybala’s absence from the team.

Romero was included by coach Lionel Scaloni for Argentina’s two friendly matches in June and the provisional team for the Copa America. Paulo Dybala was not included in the team and speaking in an interview with DSports, here is what Romero had to say about Dybala’s exclusion:

“It must be difficult for the coaching staff to make decisions. It’s not easy because there are many young players at a high level, many stand out.

“Paulo (Dybala) is someone who has always been there, who adds a lot. He is one of the fundamental players for the Argentina national team. It’s sad but it’s difficult for the coaching staff to make the decisions.”

The Argentine also spoke about Emiliano Martínez:

“Dibu is a maniac, he is unbearable. He is at his best, we enjoy it being Argentines. It’s nice to see him because he is someone who came from the bottom and today, for many, is the best goalkeeper in the world. It’s beautiful to see him there.”

He was also asked about the Argentina national team and winning the World Cup:

“We are all part of it, it is beautiful to have been part of our country’s history. It is the best thing you can have as a player, you are recognized every day. That’s the most beautiful part of adding a star to our national team and being part of history.

“We are going to be remembered as the group that we are, that we brought the star in the worst moment of our country, so to speak. We united all the people and that was what gave us the most euphoria. I hope that the situation improves and that we continue to unite our people.

“We play football and try to carry a message, but in the end the most important thing is that our country improves. The situation is tough and it is not nice to see our country like this. I hope we get through this.”


  1. I worry this Dybala comment by every other players put unwanted pressure on coaching staff. The decision is taken, he’s injury prone. Can’t rely on him. Move one… focus on Copa.

  2. Inter Miami’s defense is pitiful, Redondo is too awkward and lanky for a football player!! while Almada has played great thus far.

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