Lionel Scaloni says Alejandro Garnacho and Valentín Carboni will give a lot for Argentina


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has stated that Alejandro Garnacho and Valentín Carboni will give a lot to the team.

Lionel Scaloni spoke about the two young players and how they will give a lot for Argentina. Speaking at a press conference on Saturday in Chicago, here is what Scaloni had to say about the two players:

“Garnacho and Carboni excite us a lot. In the future, they are going to give us a lot.”

The Argentina national team will play against Ecuador on Sunday in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Csabalala nice summary.Not ideal, if not doom and gloom in defense but cautiously optimistic in the rest of sections. Yet the would be debutants in defense like Balaerdi, Perez, Martinez, Medina, Barco are relatively young and could be counted for many years to come till additional young players are scouted.

  2. @San Isidro
    Because most of the players you have mentioned are hyped by their clubs so that they could be sold to Europe for higher transfer fees but even after winning the world cup big clubs from tier-1 leagues are still not interested in Argentine unproven potential, they are happy to go all in for proven talents like Enzo or MacAllister but someone unproven have to prove themselves in 2nd tier league in Europe before EPL, Laliga or Seria-a clubs show interest. Meanwhile , Brazilian clubs are able to still able to sell their raw talents clubs from tier-1 league and our prodigies are being scooped up by MLS !

  3. PRESTIANNI is a great talent, but he has to keep his mind in football, his insta pics make me feel that he is more interested in enjoying holidays than playing football. I may be wrong. He has just gone to Europe and I hope with time he will settle nicely. When DE PAUL was playing for Valencia I couldn’t think that he would become such an important player for us. The same can happen with PRESTIANNI. NICOLAS PAZ is ruining his career at real. He should come out of that Brazilian colony. He is happy with warming bench and playing some meaningless game for real madrid castilla. ALEZO VELIZ is very good in areal duel, I think sooner or later we may need him or a player of his calibre. LUCIANO GONDOU may turn out to be another threat for ALEJO VELIZ . LUCIANO GONDOU’S GOAL AGAINST brazil of VALENTINE BARCO’S CROSS SHOW US THAT WE BADLY NEED A SCORER LIKE HIM. REDONDO is playing with MESSI. I Hope he will learn a lot from sergio basquet. PERRONE played well for last palmas. It’s better to play for a lower mid table club than warming bench. Unlike NICOLAS PAZ, I LIKE PERRONE ‘S ATTITUDE. SOULE, BARRENCHIA BOTH PLAYED QUIET WELL FOR THEIR Club. We have very good young players who are not over hyped like other nations. But if you nourish a worthless, aged and injured player like PEZZELLA then these talented players will must go into oblivion.

    • Soulé not making the squad is mindblowing to me. Same with Veliz. Veliz should at least be on the under 23 with Redondo who was fantastic in the qualifiers. Pezella, Otamendi, Guido, Tagliafico, Angel Correa all need to go. Valentini, Balerdi, Senesi, Nehuen Perez, all good options for Tagliafico Pezella and Ota. Soulé, Redondo are good options for Correa and some point you have to start getting younger. Keeping guys too long never works out. I really hope Barco, Garnacho, and Carboni make the team. We can’t overlook these guys because they can run for days and slow old teams always die an ugly death.

  4. Roy, your article cut off mid paragraph, but maybe someone can help me out with a question. Over the past 2 years, all I have heard is how great it is that we are producing incredible players and the next “great player”. Most of these guys are 16-20, but why is it that almost nothing comes of them and they rarely make an impact on the NT, or even the U23? Is it undeserved hype and bullshit or what? Here are just a few names that come to mind, I’m sure there are a lot more. Seems like the only guys in play are Garnacho and Valentin Barco who came out of nowhere. Can someone with better insight tell me why nothing has become of these players?
    Nico Paz
    Luka Romero
    Carboni brothers
    Santi Lopez
    Ezequiel Ceballos
    Maxi Perrone
    Roman Vega
    Federico Redondo
    Tomas Aviles
    Tiago Geralnik
    Alejo Veliz

    • These small, technical but not super fast wingers/midfielders dont suit into top european football that well imo like Prestianni, Luka Romero, Subiabre, Santi Lopez or Farias, Velasco, Almada trio (thats why they had to go to MLS) and sadly the classic 10 or enganche neither, a dying position like Nico Paz, Buonanotte or Valentin Carboni (Almada) Soule is similar too but at the wing (rather enganche). Others: Veliz is Gaich 2.0 imo, the CBs def not that talented from our youth instead of Anselmino and younger ones as Tobias Palacio, Juan Villalba or Gonzalo Escudero (17 years old players), Redondo is too slow imo, but i have still hope in Perrone. Geralnik was just a random River product, but its super common and not new that only 10-20% of hyped youngsters will succeed in the top leagues. So dont worry Echeverri is top talent, Garnacho too, Enzo too, Barco too, Alan Varela+Equi Fernandez too and a lot more will come, dont worry!