Emiliano Martínez has 24 clean sheets with the Argentina national team


Emiliano Martínez has now kept 24 clean sheets with the Argentina national team.

Martínez started for Argentina in their 1-0 win vs. Ecuador and has now reached 24 clean sheets in his 38 matches with Argentina, allowing only 15 goals. He made his Argentina national team debut just over three years ago and already has an impressive career.

The Argentine has won the World Cup, the Copa America and the Finalissima while also being named both the World Cup and Copa America best goalkeeper.


  1. If Argentina is to retain the Copa America trophy , Scaloni must drill it into every player’s head that playing selfishly is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in this team. Yes, had Nico scored atleast once yesterday, we wouldn’t have this discussion but he didn’t and not because he was unlucky but he is simply a poor finisher. He has always been a mediocre finisher but he did show significant improvement in the last couple years but after his injury his finishing for both club and country is again back to being average again. He is only useful if we need a pacy winger off the bench willing to track back and defend, he can create chances, gets into good position but finishing has always been his issue. Garnacho also wouldn’t be a huge upgrade as he still need to work a lot on his finishing skills but his decision making has improved and looks for team-mates in better position before wasting chances like Nico.

    Yes, like some of you have mentioned the reason we won the world cup was because Nico and Loceslo got injured and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as they got replaced by two players who are not only far better in skills and IQ but also are a far better team player. MacAllister is head and shoulders ahead of Locelso in every aspect of game and Enzo was in top form, full of confidence heading into the world cup and even with a groin injury thorough out the season he still managed to play a big role in Chelsea finishing sixth. I won’t be surprised if his poor finishing has everything to do with his groin injury, as it heavily limits mobility and this makes a huge difference on how you take your shots.

    Locelso is Scaloni’s favorite and when he has a good game, he will control the game like prime Riquelme but when he has a poor game, he will make your head scratch with his misses and poor passing. Yesterday, he didn’t have a bad game at all but his creativity was also nowhere to be seen. Our midfield kept the possession of the ball and control the pace of the game but didn’t create anything. Our strikers poor run of form is also a direct consequence of our midfield and wingers/fullback failing to create adequate chances for them and I am not just talking about yesterday’s match, it been a series of matches where they have failed to provide a good service to our strikers. Lautaro had one chance yesterday and the open header which he missed and Alvarez was no where to be seen close to the goal. Hopefully, Scaloni has seen this issue and will work on getting his strikers more service from the support cast. We can’t always rely on Messi and Dimaria to do the heavy lifting and if we are to win this Copa our midfield will have to step up and take command like in the world cup.

    • Fully agreed Sula V as there need to be more service for those whose or who hopefully will get in scoring possessions as if not…, well, then on relying on MESSI’s and ADM’s magic won’t most probably be enough as opposition knows this well enough too !

      Defensive wise ARG looked good and that can get ARG far, but still ARG will need those goals and hopefully service from ARG’s midfield will create those goals either passing for those in more advance and in good scoring areas or scoring by themselfs as CUTI and LICHA or any player can score for ARG from obviously different scenarios etc…, but yes if the strikers don’t get enough service, well, then it will get hard on ARG for sure, though it will be good for the team also, if those needed goals would be coming from different players and many as possible!

      As far ARG keeps winning and obviously scoring enough to win, well personally I do not care who will score for ARG, but in football every team needs their strikers to score and if they do not get service, well it is not easy to create by themselfs as some can and some may not…?

      Anyhow ARG must play as team and work as unit and create and score together and if some individual magic will be provided by those who can, well even better, but like u said ARG can not rely on that !