Lionel Scaloni says Argentina Copa America list will be announced after Guatemala match


Lionel Scaloni has stated that the Argentina Copa America list will be announced after the match against Guatemala.

Scaloni has confirmed that he will wait until after the match against Guatemala on Friday to announce the team for the Copa America. The coach spoke to the media after Argentina’s 1-0 win vs. Ecuador where he commented on not risking Lionel Messi and some players for the match. He also spoke about the Copa America list and when it will be announced. Here is what he had to say:

“In principle, the list, we will give it, we will wait for after the match in Washington.

“There are only a few days left to make the final list. We will do it based on what we believe is best for the National Team. It always hurts to leave guys out but in this case, we will do it thinking about what the team needs.”


    • It’s what we fans do Sorin, we complain, it’s an integral part of fandom regardless of the topic or object of fandom.
      As for the match, well I thought it was excellent. Our boys got to practice their passing, re-establish their chemistry, create some good chances (especially in the 2nd half) and win….WITHOUT any injuries….against a decent opponent. Personally I’m more than happy with what I saw.
      I would’ve loved to see Garna and Carboni get a look in but maybe the next match.

    • Yes very true indeed and in terms of rating I would most probably give even a bit higher as I don’t really remember, when ARG kept an SA NATION completely in their pocket for 90 min + and did not give them any shot or any scoring opportunity, but like Mamoun said we as fans are so demanding as obviously each of us has our own thoughts etc…,

      And if ARG can defend like this against every team who they will face in this COPA, well that would be amazing achievement and for sure bring ARG very far as obviously it will boost their confidence even in to a more higher level as if there is any higher level left after ARG has won everything, but it will also open up chances to score as I’m not expecting any easy tournament or walk in the park in this COPA, but defend like ARG did against Ecuador against every opponent, well it will bring also those needed goals to win those matches in this COPA !

  1. Its a solid game. No on target shot by Ecuador. Only one shot to off target. Defensively outstanding performance by Argentina. Also this type matches players always try to avoid injuries so nobody will give 100% accept those who needs to impress coaches.

    • Yes to shut down team Ecuador completely and not give them any shot on goal nor a chance to score is very big defensive statement ! Ok most probably Colombia and Uruguay will be tougher opponents together with Brazil, perhaps ?

      And yes Arg must prove a lot offensively, but also taking in to account ARG’s recent opponents besides WCQ’s, well to be fair respectfully their quality has not been even close Ecuador’s.

      And it very true, that truly nobody want’s to get hurt so close to the COPA as any or more injuries will be very crucial so close to the COPA !

      All ARG must to do now is to avoid injuries and just concentrate on Canada and then continue with game by game !