Ángel Di María scores for Argentina in 1-0 win vs. Ecuador


The first half saw Argentina have a lot of the ball but unable to create many chances. The first effort on goal came from Lisandro Martínez after 26 minutes but his effort was saved by the goalkeeper.

Ángel Di María scored the first goal of the match as he received the ball, played it to Rodrigo De Paul and continued his run into the penalty area. De Paul found Cristian Romero who held the ball and passed it onto Di María and he would score to give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

Di María nearly made it 2-0 just moments later off a free kick but his effort hit the crossbar.

Lionel Scaloni would start the second half with the same team but he would make a few changes in the second half. Lionel Messi replaced Ángel Di María and Enzo Fernández replaced Lautaro Martínez.

The team would create more chances with Rodrigo De Paul crossing to Lautaro but his unmarked header would fall straight to the goalkeeper. Scaloni would bring on Ángel Correa and Nicolás González who replaced Julián Álvarez and Leandro Paredes.

Lucas Martínez Quarta was brought on for Gonzalo Montiel and played as a left back and Exequiel Palacios was substituted in for Rodrigo De Paul.

Argentina would end up winning 1-0 ad will play Guatemala on Friday.


  1. Why is there so much hate and disrespect for some players in our squad??? Some guys here are crazy… Why Lo Shitso, and names for Nico… Those users should be banned.. And by the way if you would have watched the game and have seen some stats, those guys would know that GLC was just behind Di Maria second best.. And at least Nico is trying to score
    I’m a little bit worried about our Attack… Sounds crazy to write that as an Argentine Fan, but lately it was always the X Factor of Di Maria or Messi…
    Most Nations would die to have GLC, Nico or Dybala in their starting 11 and for us those are Subs or not even on the list… Still hurts me that Dybala is not there..

  2. It was an overall naive performance. The first half was good with Di Maria scoring a brilliant one and Lautaro missing an easy one. The overall defensive setup was good. We need to be sharper upfront. Nico needs to be unselfish and more aware of how his colleagues are moving. Second half we lost too many balls through missed passes. Thankfully none got converted to a good chance for Ecuador. At this level we are not going to do good against Canada. They drew against France. So this team has the quality to put big teams to trouble.

    However refereeing was poor today. He let Ecuador play a rough game. Our players could have been injured.

    • I would not be surprised if we will see more of this kind of refereeing in this coming COPA….
      Looked at the highlights from Brazil vs Mexico and surprise, surprise it was very similar refereeing with only one difference as usual the referee was once more on the Brazilian side and maybe at least one or perhaps 2 penalties should had been given for Mexican’s….

      In ARG’s game did not see a single shot fired at Dibu and defensively ARG was very solid + LICHA & CUTI MORE THAN OUTSTANDING !

      This is what u get when u play them together, period !

      Ok maybe Ecuador does not have the talllest players in this COPA, but if ARG want’s to defend against speedy players with pace, then better start with LICHA & CUTI and if ARG want more aerial security, then OTA & CUTI, though LICHA ain’t that bad either in the air, but obviously he looses a bit due his length etc…

      In terms of passing LICHA is the best of all ARG’s defenders and in terms of defending CUTI, though LICHA is also very good deffenssive wise too ! CUTI too is an also very good passer and reads the game so well as obviously does LICHA too !

      These 2 are so unique and so complete and add to that DIBU behind them and ARG is truly and so blessed with these 3 at the back !

      LB & RB/ wingbacks as ACUNA & TAGLI on the left are obviously not the best in their possession in the whole world, but more than good enough for ARG at least still for this COPA, though BARCO is intresting and hopefully will develep even to be greater one day, than those 2 who still occupy currently the left side/ LB position for ARG…

      Somehow and always missing Soren & Zanetti, though….

      RB’s and the right side has been more of concern, though so far both MOLINA & MONTIEL have delivered, but after this COPA new blood will be needed to find and I quess also for the Left side too even ARG has BARCO there allready, still it will be good go through different options if hopefully available in the future etc….

      Molina’s fitness make’s me a bit worried and maybe, that is why i saw in some of ATM’s game under CHOLO, that he did not got up to his best etc…hopefully it is not something too serious or something like ENZO had and therefore opted for the surgery, which was good decision for him ! Obviously ENZO needs time to get back to his best and hopefully time will be on his & ARG’s side and he will deliver, when needed for ARG !

      I have a feeling, though, that he might not be start against Canada as RDP and MACCA will for sure, but the 3rd one will be I quess Paredes or Palacios even he did not get, that many minutes as it is hard to see Lo Celso starting with RDP and MACCA based on how much has he played with Spurs etc…

      Paredes, though has played many games with Roma as has Palacios with Leverkusen, so I quess one of those with RDP & MACCA will start against Canada and would not be surprised to see LICHA & CUTI starting again, though it could be OTA instead of LICHA, but Canada has pace and therefore I will start with LICHA & CUTI + how good did they performed together against tough opponent as Ecuador ! These 2 are made for each other as written in the stars !

      As in this COPA for Columbia & Uruguay, well they will be even tougher opponents and Brazil is always dangerous too….

      It will be intresting to see how ARG will be able too feed TORO as he need’s much more good passes as not only 1 or 2 will deffenetly not do or they have to be real good one’s as fast and hard passes direct to him so, that he convert them in to goal directly with one touch as, there is no one better doing that than him, but if he get’s proper feeding he will and can score in multiple ways too and also bully his way through as for Julian he needs more of an pass to the certain space from where he can shoot the ball in, but yes both need a lot more feeding and ARG can not just rely constantly on ADM even he is and has been and will ever be one of ARG’s most lethal with MESSI !

      It is hard to let go of him, but I don’t want to think about it now as I just want enjoy him as much as I still can !

      The fact is still , that for the creativity ARG need him as badly as MESSI too and the same goes for finishing too and ARG’s opponents know’s this too and therefore I think MACCA and hopefully 1-3 players more will have an outstanding COPA as in terms of creativity and directly involved in scoring for ARG as either scoring or creating….

      ARG must be ready to shoot more often as MACCA certainly can deliver from those
      , but others will also and I hope RDP, Paredes & Palacios + hopefully fit enough ENZO too will be taking their shots on the goal and if not directly scoring at least give an opportunity if saved by opponents goalkeepers to TORO and Julian to be hopefully in the right place’s to hit and finish them of as both have quick reflex and skill to put them in to the net !

      Offcourse I want MESSI & ADM score as many as possible or multiple and end up top scorers for the tournament or in fact I do not care who scores for ARG as long as ARG keep’s winning, but in terms of tactics from ARG’s opponents they wil, be worried about first,y MESSI & ADM and most probably try cut them out by marking them, which will leave the needed space for others to deliver and even Garnacho is still young and raw and his finishing has not always worked that, well or he has lacked the end product, still in situation where ARG’s opposition might be marking MESSI & ADM and TORO and JULIAN just can’t find their shooting boots, well I won’t be surprised to see Garnacho finding the goal specially against tired opposition’s legs, but yes all theese are just hypothetical theories of mine and not based on how Scaloni and CO will proceed etc..,

      Any how Happy for the win against Ecuador as I was more expecting a draw based on last opponents quality, that Arg has lately faced in their recent friendlies and very happy, that Ecuador did not had any shot on goal and even more happy for LICHA & CUTI !

      Still, there is lot to be done attacking wise and I quess this will only show more game by game….

      There are no easy games at COPA as in Euro’s for example and one must take their chances and in this case ARG has to do so specially in the group games where there are no DIBU’s penalty saves yet !

      Also ARG can not count on that and I’m sure they will not also !

      Anyhow every game will be full battle on its own and first ARG needs to top their group or get/ find their way to the quarters and then on to semi’s and ultimately to the final !

      The task will not be easy, but that’s how COPA has always been and will always be and to win it ARG must once more cope with it and hopefully they will do so !

  3. This was a very boring game. I find it frustrating that when we finally have good defense and mid-field we now have an offense that barely scores any goals.
    I don’t know if our forwards are not scoring much due to how Scaloni has set up the team or if the offensive players aren’t just performing.

    • I think it could easily have been 3-0 if Di Maria got his freekick right by an inch and if Torro’s shot were not saved by the Ecuador goalkeeper. It was a brilliant save. I am not considering the header from Torro as unlucky. He really messed it like he did against France. I am worried about his fading form with our NT.

  4. We get a glimpse how N/t will perform at Copa, not much change althought Scaloni did try a new formation with the same winning playerrs but not working soothly. Lautaro need his confidence back so do Alvarez need his confirm position; he loss it his club now at N/T.

    Nico is not so bad expect his chip did not passed the goalie. Otherwise, we will appreciate his effort and contribution. Licha and Cuti is rock solid. Di Maria is wine, age is just a number; he is the man of the match

  5. Nico blew two clear chances. He didnt even notice his teammates completely in open space. We clearly took off the gas in second half, but we definetely lack a proper goalscorer. Julian and Lautaro for whatever reason hasnt been good for a long while.

    Apart from Nico incompetence, I’d blame for the tactical setup at the final third. Scaloni loves to have everyone act like a midfielders which is why Julian always instructed to stay deep and help to press, the same with Nico whenever he plays. As a result Lautaro is always a lonely figure at the top and would only get 1-2 chances per game.

    I cant believe Scaloni still using someone like Nico when he has Garnacho at his disposal.

    Di Maria sure doesnt looks like someone who’s about to retire from international football within a month. He’s playing better than most footballer in their prime.

  6. Excellent display by our team, considering it was our first match after two and half months. We were in total control of the match against a dirty opposition and we fought with a similar approach. Lautaro could have scored a goal but the Ecuadorian keeper made a good save but he missed a open header again like in the final against France. Julian wasn’t anywhere close to the goal and didn’t get any chance at all.

    Messi is Messi but he also needs to adjust his game as he won’t get the same space and time he is used to in MLS. Dimaria was again our no1 player, terrorized the Ecuadorian half. Our midfield was missing both MacAllister and Enzo but were still in total control of the match. Couldn’t create much but kept the possession and maintained the pressing. Nico again is frustrating us with his poor finishing but Garnacho isn’t better finisher either. Both are Scaloni kind of player constantly pressing up and down but both need to work on improving their finishing.

    Defense has always been Scaloni team’s strength, never concede first has always been the strategy. Emi didn’t have to anything toda. Licha and Cuti’s partnership was mouth watering, they have a great chemistry and specially Licha’s passing accuracy and timing is sublime. My only concern is our fullbacks, they aren’t creating much up front and every time put under pressure have leaked goals.

  7. We won the last World Cup without Nico and Lo Celso for a reason… These two idiots are the worst players in our squad.

    Montiel has no offensive contribution at all.

    Lautaro + Julian = failed experiment.

    Time to give Garnacho more playing time!

  8. Nico is no longer an option unfortunately. Lautaro confirmed he is not comfortable as a lone striker and needs someone to create space. Alvarez dropping was not helpful for lautaro. LoCelso did not have a good game. Licha and cuti combo is promising. Depaul Parades and Dimaria were good.

    Time to get the youngsters a start against ElSalvador and Messi can super-sub again. I’m going to the game would love to see LaPulga Atomica in action.