Javier Mascherano says Ángel Di María is top 5 Argentina player of last 40-50 years


Javier Mascherano has stated that Ángel Di María is a top five Argentina player of the last 40-50 years.

Mascherano played alongside Ángel Di María with the Argentina national team at three World Cups and three Copa’s America. The two also won a gold medal together at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing.

Ángel Di María has won the World Cup, Copa America, Finalissima and the Olympic games, scoring in every final. Speaking in an interview with DSports, here is what Javier Mascherano had to say about Di María:

“Taking out Messi and Maradona, for me Di María is in the top 5 best Argentina national team players of the last 40-50 years.”

Di María scored the only goal in Argentina’s last match, a 1-0 win vs. Ecuador. The 36 year old has stated several times that he will step aside from the Argentina national team after the 2024 Copa America.


  1. In an interview with ESPN, Messi stated that Inter Miami will be his last club and the end is near. I have to believe that he’ll throw everything he’s got at Copa America and hopefully it permanently sticks.
    2026 WC, who knows but this puts a big doubt on it to say the least.

    • Guido can help protect a lead as the only pure DM we have, plus he’s an aerial asset with his height, both offensively and defensively. Carboni can be an impact sub off the bench but Garnacho is likely ahead of him for that role. I rate Barco but I struggle to see him making the cut given that both of our LBs are healthy. I have a feeling that it is Guido who is staying with the team.

      • Paredes might even be a starting player this Copa, because Enzo is not match sharp just yet and Mac Allister could play better further up, I guess we’ll see. And yes, Palacios is very decent defensively too even though he’s not a DM per se. The problem is, Garnacho is likely to be used as an impact sub rather than Carboni. So that might just eliminate him. I’d be happy with either one of those in the team, each have unique strengths they can give, but I don’t see a likely scenario which would keep Carboni or Barco.

  2. I’d been critical of him back in the day but he has massively stepped up to a truly legendary status. In fact he’s forever in my all time Argentina XI, surpassing Caniggia, Riquelme and others. Di Maria, Maradona, Messi, Batistuta attack.

  3. Easily top 5 in my opinion and if he was fit in the 2014 final, there was no way Germany was winning it, no way! Even without Dimaria we created more chances and with fit Dimaria that who was the creative engine of Madrid that year, Germany had no chance. I am thankful to almighty that both Dimaria and Messi won the 2022 world cup.

  4. But i am sure that he is the greatest winger to ever grace an Argentine shirt in terms of pure winger in his whole career. We miss him very much as we dont have his style of wingers in our team. Garnacho has that quality but he needs time. Garnacho as a super sub would be crazy in this Copa America.