Lionel Messi and Argentina national team train in New Jersey before Chile Copa America match


Lionel Messi and the Argentina national team trained in New Jersey as they prepare for the Copa America match against Chile.

Messi and the entire Argentina national team took part in the training on Saturday, without any injuries or knocks. The team trained at the Red Bull Arena Training Center.

The players starteed with a ten exercises to warm up and after that with the ball, cones and the rondo. The goalkeepers performed specific drills.

Scaloni’s team will train once more on Sunday and Monday before their Copa America match against Chile on Tuesday.


  1. IDK why anyone has never mentioned it yet but Poland penalty save vs Messi was a blessing in disguise. If it went in, people would say Messi was helped by fifa and he won the WC based on poor referee decision.

    • It was, because Messi after that never missed a PK. Messi always tried to be cute whenever taking PKs, it’s like he finally figured it out by taking his time and going the other side of where the GK is going.
      ARG has always been hated by so many and the fact that they won COPA and the WC just sent them into stupid madness, nm all the clueless Christina fans from planet La La Land and their badshit conspiracy theories.

  2. I note Lautaro often performs well when accompanied with players like Palacious. Enzo and, Palacious need to take their faire time, if we want to see less of the aging players like Di Maria and Parades. Eventhough, the track record of the latter 02 is amazing, more true in in the last 02 Copa tournaments, I sincerly believe, Enzo, and Palacious are only second to Leo in maximizing the performance of our strikers (Lautaro and Alvarez), apart from thier role in dominating the midfield. Plus, thier record against tough South American National and Club teams is impressive.

    Over all, the team is blessed with variety of tools and right players to face any opponent be it fast, physical or counterattacking. Even parnering Lo Celseo and Gonzalez can damage any team from left flank (which we are not, lately) especially if the 02 players resume thier usual self. in a nutshell, I hope Scaloni will continue using the aging players wisely as he did it in the last consequative tournaments.

  3. The second goal against Canada is another example of how good we are at one touch passing! Reminded of the 2nd goal against France in the final.

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