Ángel Di María, Nicolás González and Enzo Fernández fighting to start for Argentina vs. Chile


Ángel Di María, Nicolás González and Enzo Fernández are all fighting to start for Argentina vs. Chile.

The three players could be up for contention in Argentina’s next match. According to Gastón Edul, they are all fighting to start for Argentina against Chile on Tuesday.

Out of the three players, only Ángel Di María started and played for Argentina in the 2-0 win vs. Canada on Thursday. Di María played 68 minutes against Canada before being substituted for Gio Lo Celso.

As reported, Lisandro Martínez and Leandro Paredes are both likely to remain in the starting eleven for the match.

Argentina play Chile on Tuesday in the Copa America.


  1. In modern futbal having players like Ronaldo and Lewandowski is nothing but a disadvantage. Other than waiting for service in the box they offer nothing which is why Barcelona struggled and Portugal will soon too. Everyone in Portugal, the fans and the coaching staff are aware Ronaldo is long past his prime and at 39 , he is at best a sub at around 80th mins thats all. Yes, Messi’s finishing is no more the same but he is still a good finisher and last match was a one off but his insane and next level playmaking makes him a double edge sword, which is why he can keep playing longer at the highest level.

    • Martinez is a good and well spoken coach but his other offensive players collecting dust on the bench is gonna be his downfall, can’t wait for the time when they play Vs a proper team and her highness’ comical dribbling, diving and moaning is not getting results, then what!

  2. Some new players Scaloni should seriously think about after copa:
    1)Senesi/ Balerdi in place of Pezzella
    2)Santiago Hezze – Not sure
    3)Lucas esquival in place of Acuna
    4)Nuhan Perez in place of Montiel
    5)Matias Soule in place of Nicolas gonzalez

    • Well, he still looks rusty since he hasn’t played much club football, however he showed some spark and was instrumental in the 2nd goal.
      He is only going to get better. Nobody in our team moves ball as quickly as him in the midfield, his one touch passes are just sublime.

    • Standing Infront of the goal waiting for something and then on an open run alone with the keeper he passed it to whatever his name his……did that instead of shooting because he probably thought he’ll miss, imagine that Charitable Christina passing the ball.
      Turks were in the game until they scored on themselves.

      Their coach insists on playing HER even though they got plenty of fire power sitting on the bench instead of on the pitch to plz HER and the fans….he’ll go down with the ship when they eliminated.

  3. It won’t be fair to drop anyone to bench after the first match. Yes, we were a little undisciplined and lost possession in dangerous areas, however Canada couldn’t capitalize on it but first games are used to get the players to rebuild the chemistry. Also, regarding age factor and lack of pace upfront, it was the finishing that caused a headache for us from our two best finishers. However, with Messi and Dimaria playing high up the pitch means teams will play a high line to trap them offside and with Acuna on the left who also seem to have lost pace and stamina, our slow and aging players can really put too much pressure on our defense and midfield. If I were Scaloni, I would stick with the same team and try Tagliafico who is a little faster than Acuna and keep the same team but Julian as a target man and Messi and Dimaria playing a lot deeper behind him.

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