Lionel Messi on his style of play and walking on the pitch


Lionel Messi spoke about his style of playing and why he walks on the pitch.

Messi is presently with the Argentina national team in New Jersey but he an interview was released where he spoke about a number of things. Speaking in an interview with JP Varsky on Clank Media, here is what he had to say:

“When did I realize I had a gift? I don’t know, from what they say, since I was very young I was different and people came to see me. So they say. Heh. Even though I did a lot of things, I didn’t do anything to become the player I was when I was a kid.

“Today, after having achieved all my goals, I am enjoying myself like the three year old I was when I started. Because I know that there is less and less time left, there are less and less years left for me.

“I try to enjoy everything that is football on the pitch and the moments I experience on a daily basis, too.

“When I was at Newell’s, there were two or three times a week we were sent to run around the grounds. I used to hide behind a tree. Running without a ball was never my thing. Heh.

“I have always been very self-critical. I am the first to know what I do right and what I do wrong.”

In regards to why he walks on the pitch:

“When I walk I analyze the opponent’s positioning, how we stand when we don’t have the ball, get away from the marker and be able to initiate a counterattack.

“I don’t pay much attention to GPS, statistics or data.” I never cared how much I ran in a match.”

He also spoke about his mother:

“We in Argentina generally say the father’s surname. When I arrived in Spain both are used.

“Many times my mother told me: ‘I am your mother, I am the one who had you and ‘Messi’ always appears and I (Cuccittini) don’t appear’. But yes, obviously there are genes from both sides.”