Emiliano Martínez performance for Argentina vs. Canada at the Copa America


Emiliano Martínez kept a clean sheet for Argentina in their 2-0 win vs. Canada at the 2024 Copa America.

Martínez made a big save in the first half to keep Canada off the score sheet and was involved with several crosses, creating goal scoring opportunities.

The Argentine now has 29 clean sheets in 40 matches with the Argentina national team. Courtesy of Argentina Comps, here is a video of Dibu’s performance against Canada.


  1. Why was Marcelo B sitting on the cooler looking down at the ground half of the second half tho? He was looking stressed or is it me?
    Uruguay are lightning fast and athletic. If we face them then we have to rough up Nunez early on to let him know that it’s not safe near our box.

  2. As anticipated, Uruguay came out guns blazing for the first half but slowed down almost entirely in the 2nd before Panama gave it up quickly at the end.
    Just like Pekerman did with Colombia, the mad genius has made them and their under 20 teams instantly better and a huge contender.
    The 1st half was like playing vs an elite FIFA player, no time to breathe pass or shoot or anything and I’m sure other teams have taken notes.

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