Argentina XI vs. Chile at the Copa America, Lionel Messi and Julián Álvarez start


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has announced his starting XI for the match vs. Chile at the Copa America.

Lionel Scaloni will be making changes to the team which started Argentina’s 2-0 win vs. Canada. Nicolás Tagliafico starts ahead of Marcos Acuña, Nicolás González in place of Ángel Di María and Enzo in place of Leandro Paredes. Here is the starting eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Molina, Romero, Lisandro, Tagliafico; De Paul, Enzo, Alexis, Nicolás González; Messi, Julián Álvarez


  1. As expected, Chile came to park the Bus.
    AS expected, Chile employed their chop and drop techniques.
    AS expected, as I stated yesterday, officiating has been suspicious for both COPA and EUROS, it must have been a MEMO to all REFs. don’t call 60% of fouls.
    AS expected and it’s been a while, Bravo of course had to turn to Wolverine from X-Men and stop everything.
    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR MARTINEZ to come around and mentioned this many times on here, FINALLY and even NICO was defending his ass off so I cant complain.
    DePaul missed a few passes initially but made up for it for the rest of the game.
    DEBU, GREAT job staying awake but the team got a little weak at the knees before the goal, they need to knock that shit off.
    6 points, Messi is ok and we’ll go from there, BTW that damn stadium was the same from the 2016 COPA Final.

  2. hmm depaul should have been subbed out in my opinion, lo celso bringing in some energy. i predicted this 30 min ago, we are very vulnerable to counter attacks, not sure why we are pressing with 7-8 people like this, chile players are very fast

  3. Usual chile.. being defensive and physical. Messi has become very slow, but his passing is still very good. I think this will end in a draw. May be if someone can shoot from far away and get a goal.

  4. I feel like we really dominated that half. Chile is going to tire even more and a goal is coming. I wouldn’t make any changes besides maybe having Enzo play as a DM instead of Mac Allister.

  5. Definitely need to do changes. Uninspired game. Hope the Messi thing won’t flare up, because we know he plays at times even when injured, so can’t let our guards down. Sadly, it’s obviously not the same Messi of the WC at all, which isn’t surprising given he just turned 37 and hasn’t played in Europe for a year. Some good dribbles from him, but obviously not the same. Because of this we need to find someone younger for creativity which we don’t have on the pitch now

  6. De Paul, Nico Gonzalez, and Enzo Fernandez need to be subbed out. They have been the worst players since the World Cup final. This team still relies on Messi. Without him, the team struggles. Scaloni got lucky with his player selection and Messi. His tactics almost cost them the World Cup final. He should have resigned after the final. This team needs a fresh coach and new players.

  7. we are shooting way too early, players are panicking in final third, seems a bit rushed, the boys need to rethink at half time. on the bright side chile are barely getting any attacking play but with how high up we are pressing once player energy levels go down we are extremely vulnerable to counter attacks(as we have seen has happened so many times)

  8. This team quite weaker than world cup 2022,messi,depaul,nico gonzales,enzo,mcalister,alvarez are really useless,we need fresh young player

  9. Messi is obviously injured and he cannot play anymore. If we lose this tournament due to Messi’s injury, then I will never forgive Scaloni leave out Dybala.

  10. De Paul is a useless player. He can’t dribble or make a straight pass. Nico Gonzales, Tagliafico, and Lisandro Martinez are below average to play in the starting eleven. Enzo are losing his magic after moving to England.

    • Do u understand anything about football at all as. RDP NICO.G LICHA and also TAGLI until they got tired were deffenetly one of stars of this game obviously with CUTI & DIBU and none had any poor game for ARG
      , period ! Maybe better suited for u to watch perhaps another game and none ARG games as your comment’s make no sense at all in terms of FOOTBALL!

  11. This seems to be a bit aggressive on the attack… Let’s see… As long as Nico Enzo and Tagla can track back

    Manalissa sandwiches tonight boys, come thru and enjoy.
    Vamos….soyyyyyy Argentinooooo

    • Milanesa sandwiches are awesome! Are you doing them napolitano style?

      The food I miss the most from Argentina is Locro. The stew with the sausage and tripe and cow stomach in it. It’s amazing.

      • No, I don’t eat ham or add tomatoe sauce.
        I did two ways, the classic breaded fried beef in bread… And same beat down steak but grilled over ember.
        I love the soups, but I don’t mess with stomach or tripe anymore 😂

        • I forgot about the ham on top!

          The last time I had locro was quite a while ago. I have no idea how I would do with the cow stomach and tripe now!

          I miss alfajores too!

  12. We need some good counter attacks – Nico may not be the good finisher – but he is fast. Similar to Dembele of France – who is very good – but does not have the finishing capability.

  13. May be thats why scaloni choses tag and enzo to utilise the pace of nico well. With lisandro and enzo, nico can run behind the defense and set up Julian. And the good thing is julian got his confidence back with that goal. Julian with confidence with that pressing mentality would be one heck of a striker and it will make messi to play more freely and easy.

  14. Great changes in the right direction. We need to accept the fact that only one out of Messi and Dimaria can start and Lisandro Martinez is better and younger than Otamendi who can be useful off of the bench. Nico is nowhere near Dimaria’s skill level, but he provides consistent pressing by tracking back and forth, however he needs to improve his finishing and decision making in the final third.

  15. I am liking this lineup. And even though he frustrates me, I have high hopes for Nico Gonzalez tonight. He just needs to put some good crosses into the box or some back passes and it will be well worth putting him in the lineup.

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