Nicolás González emerging as starter in place of Ángel Di María for Argentina


Nicolás González is emerging as a starter in place of Ángel Di María for Argentina vs. Chile.

González could be in the starting eleven on Tuesday. According to Gastón Edul, González could start in place of Ángel Di María for Argentina in Tuesday’s match against Chile at the Copa America.

Ángel Di María started in Argentina’s 2-0 win vs. Canada but was replaced after 68 minutes by Gio Lo Celso.


  1. When you are replacing Di Maria, you are expected to make the game as well as score. But Nico has not been doing that great for the national team in the recent past. He has not been at his finest for the club either. So I am not sure why Garnacho does not get a chance and Nico gets one. Scaloni needs better ideas.

      • Yes, Portugal is in the bracket of death now. They were extremely lucky in Euro 2016 but now they have almost 0% chance to reach to the final.

    • Had the next world cup been in 2024 Argentina would have easily won it again. Despite the hype, the Euro teams are bang average. Spain seems better but over reliant on kids, and very unlikely that thier current form will last long.

  2. I don’t know maybe I’m watching different team or something but I am telling you this Brasil team weakest I have ever seen when comes to Brasil. Yeah they have pace but it doesn’t matter unless you can use it. I mean come on Costa Rica has worse defensive stats in this Copa America also has youngest team. One of their CB was 17 or 18 years old. They couldn’t unlock that low block of defence ffs . Also please don’t say Ref didn’t give penalty all this bs coz the ref was absolutely fine so was VAR. Rodrigo was diving right and left for penalty. They didn’t have any plan or even system. Just play with wingers without a true number nine ffs however if Ney was there then this would have been a completely different team. I agree we should Play one from starting line between Leo or Fideo. Also maybe that’s when I believe Nico and Garnacho will come handy. I am not being biased here i honestly think this Brazil team has no chance unless they change something overnight. Paraguay and Colombia won’t be easy atall.

    • Yeah, this team has no chemistry whatsoever and no chemistry means regardless of how many players you have playing for the big clubs in Europe, you are going to struggle as a team. Look at V.junior, his team-mates have no clue about his off the ball movement, positioning and passing. They got exposed by a park the bus team and I’ll be surprised if they beat Columbia.

  3. Brazil definitely had the was just they were not able to finish (They do not Neymar)..nothing against Dimaria or Messi (definitely age is catching up) – to counter attack – you definitely need speed – which Nico or Garnacho are would be very hard to have Dimaria and Messi starting against difficult opponents..

  4. Good games galore today with the grand finale, ARG/our nemesis from sometime ago and we already know it’s gonna be a dog fight and the knives will be out and hopefully nobody gets ejected or hurt.

    The birthday boy had a very nice day yesterday, heck the whole team has been treaty like royalty, peeking down at fans from the hotel’s balcony………….. we want a solid win tonight.

  5. One thing I have noticed about scaloni’s press conference he has said a few times that we play according to our opponents which show how flexible he is plus we became more based possession team since we have copa America in 2021

    • Scaloni is the most tactically flexible coach among many national team coaches. Even vs Canada, he switched to back 3 by bringing Otamendi the second half.

  6. Yes Costa Rica with their tactical Argentine coach did well defending… But let’s be real, Brazil look dangerous and alarmingly fast this time around. I like what their new coach has done to the team, he just needs to make adjustments… We need to be ready for them, it either them or Uruguay as my prediction for that side of bracket.
    I don’t like Brazil just to clarify… But I always had a soft spot for Columbia. Even after all the changes they have gone thru in last four years, they are still so disciplined on set pieces, strong and fast.
    Uruguay have a lot going for them, but they can be broken down as their defense looks shaky. Depauls mind games will be necessary in this case.
    Do I dare say that USA look to be the threat on our side of the bracket? I dislike their coach and he sux dic but they have some talent.

    • I agree with you. I don’t like this Brazil. They looked physically menacing. They did draw, but this is not going to happen everyday. They could have won 5-0 on another day, same game.

      We have to prepare for this kind of speed and physicality. Also, Brazil is all about the wings. Nothing through the middle. The Salvinho guy from Girona(?) was crazy.

      Overall I am hating this Brazil. Earlier they have been lethargic. Not yesterday.

    • Wow ! Have admit, that I would had love to be there as I quess every supporter of ARG! Lucky you and gongrats to u and all the supporters of ARG who will be in the stadium with u ! VAMOS ARGENTINA!

  7. We were not perfect vs Canada and looked shaky down the wings, but now that other big guns played I feel a bit better. Uruguay is strong but Panama did give them a fight while the score was still 1:0. Colombia are also excellent but Paraguay did cause them trouble as well. Brazil were huffing and puffing but could not break down Alfaro’s well drilled Costa Rica. We have a decent chance against them all, not going to be a walk in the park by any stretch but we have weapons to hurt Uruguay, Colombia and Brazil.

    • Yes, very true and even so I still think and hopefully so if ARG will make it to the final it will be against either Uruguay or Colombia, though Paraguay looked decent as well and have young players amongst their team also they have qualified to the Olympics, so new generation for them starting to take place and, maybe in the next WC will be team to consider, though I’m not saying, that they will win the WC, but it will be interesting to see how would they play for example against some European teams as they could surprise some, perhaps..? Hopefully after this COPA ARG will also start to bring more younger players to integrate in to ALBICELESTE / LA SELECCION

  8. I feel sorry for England fans thier media is destroying them So far they have played the two most boring matchs in euro 2024 since I started watching football England will always hyped before every tournament

  9. Based on the clubs they represent, this Brazil team is next to the French team but based on their performance as a group this is the worst Brazil side ever, as already mentioned by the legend Ronaldinho. Without Neymar they are nothing and V.Junior is no where near Neymar’s level and it is a fact! Madrid made him look good. If they lose to Columbia in their next match, they could crash out from the group stage. This is the reason why every team needs hard working work horses built around one or two super stars. Too many cooks spoils the broth and Argentina has experienced this in 1996, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2018!

    • Yes, this Brazil does not really impress at all ! I mean one of the game’s in their group, that they should had won was against Costa Rica, but they failed !

      So, I don’t expect them to win against neither Paraguay nor Colombia.

      And Paraguay and Colombia just need to beat Costa Rica and play draw with Brazil and Brazil will be out !

      Very likely scenario indeed! Though Brazil never can be fully counted out, but it certainly looks as not their best edition indeed !

      Well, anyway better I focus on ARG instead of others and specially not on those who ARG might not meet until in the very hopefully FINAL again for ARG as I truly pray and wish for, that once more and who ever they might face, well, there is a lot a head and plenty of time before…

      So against Chile as it looks like OTA will start with CUTI and as allready mentioned here in Mundo TAGLI would be most likely better option , when OTA is on field to give certain cover, which might be needed, though hopefully not needed by OTA and, that if he starts, so, that he will have a great game as everyone else from ARG !

      On the right I’m fine with both options at the moment as there are obviously not many other options unfortunately as for me personally so far or after WC the right side of ARG’s deference has not looked like it used to and hopefully they will get it together as in the way as 3 last TROPHYS were won for example etc.,.

      RDP surely will start as he is engine and so important for ARG on the middle and I presume MAC will also start, though ARG has plenty options and I would not be surprised if 2 players who did not start against Canada will enter the middle of the field for ARG…, well will see who SCALONI will opt for…?

      Up front will be.., I quess most intresting to see how SCALONI will do it or who will be playing with MESSI as it looks like Nico. G and, well hard to say really as I would, maybe put MESSI in the free role, which is quite obvious, indeed !

      , but I would like to see Nico. G on the right as he plays in his club Florentina and, that leaves me wondering who will be on the left…? As I would like to see Garnacho, though he often plays on the right too in MAN U, but also I quess Lo Celso or Julian will be possibility for the left side or, that SCALONI will use different formation as more of an narrow, perhaps..?

      Well, hard to tell what he has in his mind and I would not mind to see ENZO and Palacios too, but as said ARG has so many options for the middle and I quess also defensively it is not so hard to quess as, maybe only which one will start between LICHA and OTA as I against Chile I prefer OTA as I think Chile might or will be try to send some crosses in to ARG’s box and obviously OTA is better in the air than LICHA due the height factor, though LICHA has very good jump and timing and is deffenetly not, that bad in the air as some may think etc…

      Also LB RB as I quess will be between 4 players as TAGLI/ ACUNA MOLINA/MONTIEL so only if ARG and SCALONI will decide to play back 3, well then maybe some other possibility for start as wing back besides those name’s allready mentioned…?

      So I’m most curious how ARG and SCALONI will approach attacking wise and who will join MESSI up front..?

      Chile will be playing very hard and physically rough game with perhaps, some dirty tricks in their sleeves..?

      Therefore ARG must be prepared and try win as said allready it will massive for ARG !


    • Well, let’s not get too carried away. Yes, this is not the best Brazil team. However, there was a missed penalty and a ghost offside call that overturned a clear goal. Messi, said it best, the game is more tactical & physical with no space. Gone are the days guys are pulled from the supermarket bagging groceries to play for their national teams. Teams like the US and Canada (although not world class) are learning the tactics, have nutritionist, sports science, etc. (even the USA is slightly better technically but what I noticed is that they run nonstop. Back in the days, 50 minutes in and they will leak goals even to Bolivia).

      Brazil is missing a classic 9. They have too many wingers. I would even say they don’t have a world-class/creative midfield as well (Rivaldo, Kaka, etc). They should have brought Gabriel Jesus or goofy Richarlson as they are still dangerous players. They also don’t have a real manager. They are experiencing what Argentina experienced in 2016-2017 (Edgardo Bauza) with fans/nation criticizing lack luster results.

      Oh Well, Vamos Argentina!

      • Yes, very true and well said with plenty of WISDOM too ! As u said better not get too carried away and btw team U.S might be a surprise or a dark horse, though hopefully not in terms of ARG ! , but they deffenetly have quite strong team in my opinion at least, though what would I know in the end, lol ! Hopefully ARG will deliver ! Stay well, best regard’s Ricky

  10. WOW, what did we just watch???? Costa Rick with a super-human effort, well-drilled and coached from the first sec until last….WOW Brazil with ALL THAT TALENT, THAT’S CRAZY

  11. We need to accept the fact that only one of Messi (37) or Dimaria(36) can start. If they played in different positions, may be we could field them together but both are forwards and most importantly both are aging forwards. Messi likes to play in a free role and Dimaria can’t press like Nico or Garnacho. Against strong teams like Brazil, Columbia or Uruguay this could be in disadvantage as both have lost significant pace and without good pace their supreme dribbling won’t be as effective which is evident in their performance in recent years. Scaloni needs to experiment with different formations and players, and the next two matches are ideal time to test his strategies before the knockout stages. Nico Gonzalez is nowhere near Dimaria’s level but he is a work horse and his pressing and pace could be very useful. We have a relatively easy path to final as Brazil, Columbia and Uruguay are on the other side of the bracket which is why this is the perfect time to give opportunities to future prospects.

  12. The way REFs. have been calling games is a bit worrying and the same goes for the EUROS.
    Aside from ARG game, all the games after have been called very suspiciously!!

  13. Yes it would be better to start with Nico as Chile will play rough and we need more combat players. Would like to see Garnacho or Carboni playing

  14. An opportunity for Di Maria to save his energy for more important matches. He should be used appropriately and mostly as sub.will be great to see one or two of Locelso, Enzo and Palacios in the starting line up as well. Except De paul’s right side, the remaining mid field positions are not exclusive to any one.

  15. Colombia played well tonight, dangerous on free kicks and James to my shock is back and still dangerous, I thought he was done and dusted!
    Let’s see what Brazil got, they’ve been hearing the same things we have, It’s not the same Brazil, no chemistry and nothing special.
    I say they beat Costa Rica with at least 3 goals tonight.

    Scaloni must have seen something special about Nico and I hope he’s very right. Just imagine if him and Martinez finally started clicking together.

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