Argentina to play Ecuador in quarter finals of the Copa America


Argentina will play Ecuador in ther quarter finals of the Copa America.

The Argentina national team now know their next opponent. Ecuador drew 0-0 vs. Mexico on Sunday and have qualified for the next round.

Lionel Scaloni’s team will play Ecuador on Thursday in the quarter finals in Houston, Texas.


      • All of the Argentine Managers have gotten in trouble for being late after halftime, except for Colombian manager Néstor Lorenzo. lol

        1. Ricardo Gareca – Chile
        2. Lionel Scaloni – Argentina
        3. Marcelo Bielsa – Uruguay
        4. Fernando Batista – Venezuela

        Side note, Argentina has some world-class managers. Look what Garecea did for Peru (helping them qualify for WC after many years). Look at Venezuela today – will they qualify for the 1st time? Look at Colombia’s unbeaten record.

  1. Ecuador is nowhere near an easy opponent. They will not apprach the match like they did against their group stage opponents. Expect them to defend deep, stay compact and exploit counter attacking opportunities, an area where we have seem vulnerable. Also, they will push for penalties because there is no extra time after 90mins and even with Emi, penalty shootouts are unpredictable. Scaloni will adopt a formation that prevents an early goal while also maintaining an attacking style of play to avoid the match going into penalties. I won’t be surprised if he starts in form Lautaro ahead of Julian, Montiel for Molina and Paredes as a deep lying CM instead of out of form Enzo and play MacAllister in a more attacking role.

    • Enzo is not out of form. Several passes he made last game created goalscoring opportunities including Lautaro’s second goal. That was Enzo’s quick forward long ball (it wasn’t the best ball but consider this, in the past our midfield used to sideways or backward pass. Enzo’s mentality is to push the ball forward).

      Enzo is a step above even with the limited time he’s played.

      • Enzo any day and Macca partners and performs well with progressive mid players like Enzo. In Pecking order i will even put Palacious ahead of Parades. Enzo, RDP and Macca do a synergy by merging the defense and ball passing roles where as Parades stays solitary in defense, if not side and back passes mostly. Just my observation not backed by stastics, though.

        • Agreed as well Delpetro with this mid trio and with Palacios too as i will be fine with RDP, MACCA and Palacios too if Scaloni still thinks to use Enzo as, maybe game changer sub if not yet as starter…Paredes maybe suits better for more deffenssive minded game as i Could see him coming in as sub, though the blew that last penalty against Peru’s post. well i still think he is a good penalty taker amongst others in the team.


  2. Whoever is thinking Ecuador would be an easy opponent lives in fool’s paradise. In the recent past we could score only one past their defence and we did not have a great match either. They are rough, they are tough and they have some very fine defenders.