Enzo Barrenechea joins Aston Villa from Juventus


Enzo Barrenechea has joined Aston Villa from Juventus.

Barrenechea has put pen to paper and signed with Aston Villa. The club announced on Monday that they have signed the 23 year old midfielder.

He had spent last season on loan at Frosinone.


  1. Exequiel Palacios against Peru:

    1st in fouls received [4] 🚫
    1st in accurate passes [60/63] 🎯
    1st in duels won [8] 🥊

    🇦🇷⚽ #VamosArgentina #CopaAmerica2024

    Just saying this guy would have started ahead of paredes, de Paul and lo celso if he was a close friend with Messi

    • Close friend with Messi? Palacios is good no doubt but Depaul is far more important to this team than any other midfielder. Whenever we played without Depaul we failed to dominate the game, even in last match we looked fairly toothless for the most part. He is the most crucial element of our midfield keeping opposition on their toes with his mind games and his exceptional ability to read the game. The only way Palacios plays is in a defensive CM role but Scaloni prefers Paredes in that position and considers him Depaul’s backup.

        • Yes Palacios is better technical and RDP still as must for starter, but Palacios should be used more as RDP-PALA-MAC OR RDP-ENZO-MAC are those, that i would prefer to start if 4-3-3 and if 4-4-2 :

          Molina/Montiel CUTI LICHA TAGLI
          TORO JULIAN

          If 4-3-3 one of ADM or MESSI as i think ADM will be starting with TORO and JULIAN and maybe MESSI hopefully in the semi or in the FINAL, though not sure if it will be wise start ADM & MESSI together, but we might still see that too as i quess it depends how MESSI will be and obviously how SCALONI will figure it out…? Though ARG must not rely on anybody as just as themself’s, though back line with TAGLI – LICHA – CUTI and MOLINA or MONTIEL is more than obvious and the best in terms for ARG ! Also both Julian and specially TORO have played well as i would not be surprised if they will start together with ADM OR MESSI

    • Good for him indeed and hopefully Emery will give minutes as VILLA is a good team Under Emery as if DIBU would had played both of the games against Olympiakos, well maybe VILLA would had proggressed to the final, anyhow they did not and Olympiakos got to play allmost in their home stadium against VIOLA and won it so Kudos to Olympiakos

      Soule move would be very good and specially to La Liga, fingerssed crossec as i don’t trust Juve for giving him enough minutes…hopefully, though i’m wrong if he does’nt move….