Argentina team vs. Canada in Copa America semi final, Lionel Messi starts


The Argentina national team will play Canada in the semi finals of the Copa America and Lionel Messi will start.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will make some changes to the team which won on penalty kicks against Ecuador. According to Gastón Edul, this is the confirmed Argentina team:

Emiliano Martínez; Montiel, Romero, Lisandro, Tagliafico; De Paul, Enzo, Mac Allister; Messi, Julián Álvarez, Di María


  1. I understand today’s opponent was Canada who lacked quality. But Scaloni should not entertain any form of complacency especially from DePaul and unnecessary time wasting. I still doubt Enzo Fernandez will provide defensive cover. Once Enzo dispossessed, he never bothered to recover the ball. Should Uruguay or Colombia be afforded those chances Canada had, it will be complete nightmare.

  2. Glad we won, but there is ZERO chance we win if this shit play continues in the final. This I think is the most unfullfilling version of a Scaloni team I have seen. I truly apologize if I offend anyone, but Messi has been absolutely awful. In addition to the penalty he has missed close to 6 goals this tournament. Win or lose, this is not the team for the future. We need to take some lumps with some young players that will be ready for the World Cup.
    And for God’s sake get somebody other than Julian that’s willing to run for 90 minutes.

  3. Off topic: i want to see how Argentina performs without Messi. It’s not possible though in Copa but after that Scaloni should try to make a team without thinking about Messi. I love Messi but i think it’s time to rest. We need to build a good team for WC, for that youngsters needs exposures.

  4. So Messi manages to touch the ball & get himself into scoring sheet for the records. Now with a 2.0, we should have meaningful substitutions. Sub Tagli to prevent another yellow , withdraw Dimaria & Messi in phases & give Palacios & LoCelso some time

  5. My first half thoughts:
    – it looks like we dont want to pursue entertaining football & happy holding possession post lead & defending. Maybe the strategy is preserve & not get fatigued. This is unlike yesterday’s Spain who was attacking France even post lead. Obvious risk is conceding a late goal by a deflection , accidental handball or panic. But then we have Dibu for penalties is probably how thinktank feels
    – our ability to retrieve possession is first class. We intercept & win back possession faster than any team.
    – our best attacking strategy is long passes. Alvarez goal & a few other serious moves were from long passes. We should try that more often
    – Montiel looks good. But for finals, i wld prefer Montiel, Parades, Lautaro not being starters considering their PK ability.

  6. In modern day football full backs are most essential in any team. I still wonder how Scaloni is so satisfied with our current full backs. So many miss passes. Struggling in defence. One goal lead but still we are getting exposed. Why?
    Don’t we have better players than Montiel, Tagliafico etc? Scaloni needs search for new full backs.

      • True. I still remember his incredible performance three years ago in the final, when we were worries about the fact that our weakest position (him) was matched up against Brazil’s strongest positions, yet he caught us completely off guard. It was a hats off moment but it’s clear that he is usually pretty far from that level. I liked his pass to Di Maria though

  7. Was Enzo even playing in the first half? Wtf are we doing with this midfield? We need Enzo to take a seat. It’s affecting MacAllister’s play also.

    When is it time to hang it up? When the ball tells you it’s time to hang it up. I’m talking to you Leo. That is some serious shit play this Copa up to now. Hope you turn it around man, for everyone’s sake. Because that next game is going to be a bitch and at this level of play we ain’t beating either team.

  8. Good the all important goal is in. Hopefully we play more confidently now & not wasteful side passes. The first 25mins have been unimpressive. Canada is playing open & Ideally we should capitalize the gaps & score

  9. Enzo in his current form/ fitness is probably OK for dominating Canadian midfield but not if by min 60, we want to be up by 3 goals and kill the game. Palacios might be a better choice.. but in Scaloni we trust.

    LoCelso needed for more physical games like against Col or Uru