Argentina qualify for the Copa America final, Lionel Messi and Julián Álvarez score


Argentina qualified for the 2024 Copa America final in a 2-0 win vs. Canada with Lionel Messi and Julián Álvarez scoring.

It was a first half where Argentina had a lot of the ball and it was Rodrigo De Paul who played a cross in from deep to Julián Álvarez who controlled it and scored to give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

The second half would start with Argentina getting a corner kick. The ball would fall to Enzo Fernández and his effort on goal got a touchh by Lionel Messi on the way and Messi would score.

Lionel Scaloni brought on Nicolás Otamendi for Nicolás Tagliafico and Nahuel Molina for Gonzalo Montiel. Argentina would control more of the match and Scaloni would make more substitutions, bringing on Lautaro Martínez, Exequiel Palacios and Nicolás González for Julián Álvarez, Alexis Mac Allister and Ángel Di María.

Emiliano Martínez made a big save towards the end of the game and Argentina would win 2-0 to make the Copa America final.

Argentina will play one of Colombia or Uruguay on Sunday in the final of the Copa America.


  1. Does anyone feel like this feels “normal” now? It was 28 years without a trophy so every tournament felt life or death, the wins felt miraculous and the losses were the absolute worst and desperate. Now it’s been almost three years (crazy) since we lifted that first trophy with this team and now for some reason I feel a comfort that we’ll win every game and we have. I have felt for a while that this was meant to be, since the Copa America 2021 I felt it and it had to be then, even if logically it seems much less likely that you’d beat Brazil in the Maracana than the Chile finals, it just had to be then and it was. Then the World Cup gave the same feeling, I know I said this back then and it’s that leading into the World Cup I simply couldn’t imagine/contemplate losing, it wasn’t in any framework of possibilities in my mind, just imagining a scoreboard with Argentina behind and getting knocked out and that whole scene seemed a complete impossibility. It was so surreal to feel that we had to win and no other option was possible and then to see it happen. Now, I kind of feel the same, and since this has happened twice already I barely feel nervous during matches (except Ecuador), I don’t know if anyone else feels this way. Even the players just sort of stood around for a while when we won just now, you wouldn’t think we’d made it to a final 😂 except for Dibu.

    Anyway my point is that we should enjoy this while it lasts because it’s VERY weird to just sort of “know” that we’ll win instinctively (at least with me) and simply see it happen, since football is mostly losing mathematically for almost every team in these tournaments. I know people have complaints as usual but I hope we can all enjoy this moment because it feels very surreal and we don’t know when it will end.

    So happy to be in another final, I felt after winning the last Copa that we were meant to do things just like Spain 2008-2012, get two copas with a WC sandwiched in the middle. Anything can happen on the 14th but let’s never forget how hard things were for almost three decades and enjoy the moment

  2. Well played Canada – you gave everything..

    Scaloni has always mentioned – the one player who is guaranteed to start is Messi (Would give him the extra boost after that goal)…and ofcourse now Dimaria…

    Depaul has been better this match comparing all other matches – except i thought he was the goal lne referee on the second goal..he did not come inside to play..

    Last 10 minutes – usual argentina…i do understand it is very hot there…but substitutions always gives me heart aches…

    Molina – what should i say – lack of defensive skills..Scaloni needs to make hard calls going forward..

    Not a perfect match – but credit to Canada for not being so physical like Ecuador..

  3. I can see many are not satisfied with our performance, rightly so. Afterall we are talking about Argentina, the best team in the world.
    But there’s a level a immense confidence in this squad. That’s what is helping us sailing through. And that factor is a big one. Something which only Argentinian has right now. The feeling that nothing left to win, no one left out to prove our level to.

    But I believe all of them are Going to give their everything in the Final. One more title.
    The last match of Argentina’s third most loved legend Dimaria ❤️.

  4. 1. What happened to Molina? I used to love this guy but he is a big fraud now.

    2. Referee was on our side tonight. DePaul’s tricks will eventually backfire us.

    3. In the final 10 minute, Spain still try to pass the ball forward and keep the possession up front, while we unnecessarily invite pressures at our backline. That differentiates us and Spain.

  5. Many people here have watched Argentina forever. This is nowhere near an Argentina team that won before. Messi can’t play anymore. Scaloni is too loyal, our midfield can’t string passes together, DePaul gives away the ball more than he makes passes. The only thing that’s the same are Julian and Dibu and Cuti. This team doesn’t look hungry or play hard. We will be exposed. We aren’t getting better, we are getting worse, and that’s a problem when we have that many young players not getting a chance.

  6. Montiel played well, Di Maria was tracking back like prime Lavezzi today, Enzo as a pivot is a bit better than him higher up.

    We know that there some gaps and both Colombia and Uruguay will be a much sterner test, if Ecuador was bad, any of those two would be double that. So we have a lot of improving to do.

      • Taglafico was on a yellow and we cant risk him missing final, acuña is not fit. Made sense to save him and use lizandro as left back.

        What worries me is we lack steel in midfield. Enzo besides being off, is not a destroyer. Mac and depaul stick it in, but they need more help. I really think paredes should start and sub off enzo. Especially against these rough uruguayans and colombians