Lionel Messi comments on Argentina qualifying for 2024 Copa America final


Lionel Messi spoke about the Argentina national team qualifying for the 2024 Copa America final.

The Argentina national team will play in another Copa America final on Sunday. Julián Álvarez and Lionel Messi both scored for Argentina in their 2-0 win vs. Canada on Tuesday and will play either Colombia or Uruguay in Miami. Messi spoke to the media after the match. Here is what he had to say:

“It is crazy what this group has done, what the Argentine national team has been doing. After this, much more importance will be given to all the finals that I played and to all the players of the old generation.

“It is a difficult Copa, very hard, with a heavy temperature. The fact that we are once again in a final is to be highlighted”.

“I am aware that these are the last battles, and I am enjoying them to the fullest.”


  1. A decent win, not the most attractive play style but it’s a win and they’re in the FINAL, plain and simple.
    Messi played better than his last game, should have scored on that shot that wizzed by the post but didn’t and then scored an easy goal that solidified the win.
    Alvarez chasing down every loose ball and scoring was great to watch, De Paul was up to his antics but worked in our favor for the most part. Canada’s coach, how can I put it nicely, a douchebag who was brought back to earth and Canada won’t win shit in the future.
    ONE more game to go and yes both Uruguay and Colombia have looked better but so what, anything is possible in that final and they’re in for a fight.
    Finally, Scaloni’s style have won ARGENTINA 3 trophies thus far, a man simply walking off the Street managed what no other Argentinian manager have since 1993 and 1986.
    One could argue a case for a new coach with more coaching experience and I guess that is always on the table for the future.
    Some have criticized Messi and it’s fair but none of the 3 trophies would have been remotely possible had it not been for him. There was one shot in the 80th min showing the turf with a big piece missing and thankfully the last game will be played on GRASS.
    If i had to guess, Messi didn’t want to press the issue because of his responsibilities after COPA but if something is going to light some fire under him is playing in the final on grass and at home.

    • I completely agree with your comment my friend…but there are some brasian fans in the forum disguised as Albiceleste fans complaining about everything this team does…they want scaloni to leave Messi to retire and Enzo to be benched, and they were the same fans that dissed di maria in 2018…Also to add to your points…Scaloni is a winner of La Liga and Copa del Rey with Desportivo under Irureta, and they reached the quarter-finals consecutively in the Champions League…I believe he has learned his trade under some good managers. VAMOS MI ALBICELESTEEEEE