Lionel MESSI: “I couldn’t move normally”


Lionel MESSI spoke about his injury, the Copa America and being close to Gabriel BATISTUTA’s goal scoring record with the National Team. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m happy because I was very anxious to play after being out. I couldn’t move normally. I heard that they were comparing me with JORDAN. That’s crazy.”

“We had talked with Tata that the most logical thing would be for me to return little by little. We’re coming off two straight finals and this is a great chance for us to win it. That’s the road. If we’ve gotten to two finals it’s because we’ve done things right. We lost due to details.”

“Breaking BATISTUTA’s record is the least of my concerns. If it happens at this Copa, good. If not, no big deal. It’s a pleasure being close to Bati.”


  1. This is the problem with Mundo Argentina supporters, they expect a PlayStation game every single time the team play. Argentina did not perform badly against Panama in the first half, it’s just the way Panama was playing, the game was physical a dirty, this is why you can’t win championships with a bunch of ballerinas. Look at Germany at the 2014 world cup; they tied with Ghana and struggle to put away USA during the 2014 wc group stage, only winning by one goal, then later on was having a hard time with Algeria in the round of 16. This Argentina team is formidable from the starting lineup to the bench. World class players and top players throughout the entire team. Stop expecting every game to be like Bosnia Herz back in 2006. And what I have seen of this Panama team they will easily beat overrated Chile who cheated to get past Bolivia. Brazil had a hard time against Panama earlier before this year Copa and also in their pre friendly game before the 2014 world cup. The team is playing great, I don’t care about who turn over what ball, as long as the team perform well and win, we are not trying to copy Pep Guardiola Barcelona team. The aim is to grow as the tournament progress, and after watching both games it’s safe to say Argentina is heading in the right direction.

    • I for one are not at all impressed at all with the performance barr messi who alone was stunning.
      I agree we played a team intent on anti football but we still created how many actual chances? again hig is isolated and the loan striker is not working. I’m pleased we won but the same problems we still have not fixed being we are not creating real chances for our striker.

      • should read:
        the same problems we still have is we are simply not creating chances for our striker. this is not at all a new problem for us.

  2. Messi FINALLY playing a midfield position is GREAT news to all argentinean fans!! I always said Argentina will be at its best once Leo plays a CAM role, playmaking for the offensive talents. Aguero higuain and gaitan should start up top with banega, Messi and mascherano in midfield. With Messi not moving as quickly as usual and being the greatest play-maker in the history of the game, now is the time to make that transformation before the 2018 World Cup! With young talent as correa, dyala and icardi to be thrown in to Aguero and higuain at the forward position, Messi has the targets to unlock the defenses and win not only la Copa America but also the World Cup.. Greatest forward ever and soon… The greatest midfielder ever too(give him 8 years)

  3. Honestly I can’t understand this messi vs maradona vs batigol (vs Evita vs Chegvra vs beef etc…) because they’re all Argentine and they’re all fighting for the same team!
    Maradona is Argnetina’s greatest player, messi is his true heir and batigol is one of argentina’s greatest strikers (Artime, crespo, kempes, labruna, morino, pedernera and many others also deserve a mention), so this isn’t an either/or case and there is plenty of praise to go around!

    Augusto is an excellent midfielder but he’s not a typical Argentine no.5 type (akin to mascherano or kranevitter) but rather a dynamic, box to box type but against panama he formed a double defensive pivot alongside mascherano so his contribution was blunted somewhat but I think he did just fine and to be honest he made less mistakes than mascherano or banega.
    And speaking of Ever, while I think he’d do perfectly fine as a DM alongside Mascherano when playing against a 10 man panama but against a more dynamic team (colombia, mexico, chile or brazil) a mascherano-banega pairing would easily get run over and a so a 3rd defensive player (like augusto) is required IMO.

    Like I said in a previous post, tata needs to sort out the gaping holes in his highline defense because a capable countering team would run amok and it seems strange that the albicelestes did so well against a team like chile that possesses a far superior and energetic midfield but then again chile where nowhere near as rough as panama where and perhaps it’s that level of physicality that got our boys flustered and disorganized for long stretches of the game.
    In any case hopefully panama served as good practice for things to come because Argentina’s likely opponent for the QF is venezuela and they are likely to use similar tactics to panama so I hope our boys are sharpening their knives cos its gonna be a battle.

  4. I liked how messi stayed near the goal to score this happenes when banega is playing instead of no good pastore. Lamela isn’t as talented as maria but he isn’t show pony and does passback the ball to messi. Return passes are the lifeline of leo. Banega and lamela playing=messi onfire.

  5. That was shitty game of Argentina till Messi come in.
    Messi – Panama 5:0. I don’t care about Di Maria situation because he was so poor till the injury. Higuain should give up by your own will. It’s still the same shitty player of tournaments.
    I want to see Lavezzi or Pastore as a starter. Banega better than against Chile but too slow for harder opponents. Gaitan – not bad. Active, but too much incorrect passes.

  6. So, it was not bad to suggest the utilization of Banega asude from #10 role. The eyebraws with this lad was only his off pitch attitude not his class. Let’s continue to rely on him if he creates such an attacking atmosphere for Leo and co upfront.

    Finally Tata seems to get how to also use the players,as it is known his players selection is good. who thought that Banega could be as uaeful as this? I bet less of us. Am sure Lamela will be elevated too, hopefully as an intervention to Do matia’s constant injury.

  7. comparing messi to jordon LOL yeah because holding a ball in your hands is comparable to messi and maradona

    jesus christ americans are desperate LOOK MOM I CATCHED A BALL IN MY HANDS,YES SON ALL 3 YR OLDS CAN DO THIS WELL DONE


  8. im at a loss comparing goals in a non realistic way is beyond stupid its great messi scored a lot of goals but saying his record is better than batigols is basically saying I CANNOT COUNT IM A RETARD.

    goals per game goals per minute batigol is way ahead THAT SIMPLE

    Rooney is englands all time goal nmbers scored with gary lineker and bobby in second third place BUT ROONEY HAS TAKEN TWICE AS MANY GAMES TO GET THERE AND HAS FLOPPED IN EVERY TOUREMENT HE HAS PLAYED

    bobby won a world cup scored in far les games

    gary lineker scored his tally in far less games and won the golden boot in world cup 1986

    comparing aples to oranges has become some kind of minless obsesion on the internet

    batigol scorred hatrricks to against bigger teams and in two world cups and he to scored a great fre kick in the copa america AND WON THE GOLDEN BOOT AND SCORED MORE GOALS IN LESS MINUTES THAN ANY OTHER STRIKER IN HIS GENERATION

    messi is great but can we kindly get REAL batigol is the most successful goal scorer in argentinas history

    if in the future some guy scores the same amount as messi but takes 500 games to do it are we going to start saying ZORG OH MY GOD DERP

    • You are right in the sense that it was only a 10man Panama. But that 10 man team looked much better than the 11 man Albiceleste. Most fans, watching it on TV, were getting annoyed that a 10 man poor team was looking like equalising any moment against the mighty Albiceleste. But then things changed immediately upon arrival of a player. Its not that he scored 3, I agree 2 were ordinary – Higuains lucky deflection and not a world class goal keeping for the free kick. But how many times have Higuain’s and Agueros and Pastores and DeMarias missed those kind of chances. Messi’s third was not a lucky goal at all. But his best moment was his jaw dropping pass for the final goal. All this happening within 30 minutes, its normal that people get excited. If Rojo or any other player can make those kind of runs and receive those gems from Messi, there is hope for Argentina, because he is also the best passer football ever saw, and he can see those passes like someone sitting in the top tier of the stadium.

      Where did Batigol’s goals take Argentina, in the WC? Every one here knows clearly that Messi is the least concerned about personal glory. If yes, he would have taken all the penalties for Barca last season (even with his 78% conversion, then he would have been the European golden shoe winner, mind you), is a clear sign that he dont care for such records. Its some journalists and fans who brings up such things.

      We all know, you are obsessed by Maradona. Me too was, as a teenager and I have seen him play at his best. But I dont obsess on him anymore, a bad mouth, and more than anything he lost us our WC in 2010.

  9. Augusto & Gaitan are not that good….

    Once Messi is on, i think every1 around just switches off/ or in slow mode…. They just move the ball very slowly….

    In Chile match they were good…

    Any update on Di Maria’s injury?….

  10. It must be only me who thinks we hardly stepped up and out of 3rd gear?!

    Augusto Fernandez does not look comfortable. His positioning would be easier for himself if Mascherano weren’t there. It seems like he’s deployed as a deep lying creative position. Almost Xabi Alonso like. As soon as Banega was dropped into that position when Messi was brought in you could clearly see the difference between Benega’s ability and what Augusto was missing.

    Nevertheless, Banega was a culprit at times in losing possession and having tame inaccurate passes. However, like the Chile game he grew gradually.

    I am sorry but not at all convinced with Gaitan. He’s got the tenacity and makes himself available for his team mates but there is just not end product in the final third. Lost the ball on a numerous occasions. I would put lamela on in his position. But then all that depends on Di Maria’s inevitable situation…..

    Let’s be honest, Di Maria always burns out in summer season. He was due one injury. Which as a result, as good as he is, he for me falls in Aguero’s bracket of don’t rely on players who are made of glass.

    We are just to reliant on messi.

    I was so hoping we would be more clinical and sharper before messi’s introduction.
    We were not at the same intensity as we were in the 2nd half v Chile.
    But maybe that’s a good thing as we are holding out till knock stages?

    When Messi came on and went on his hat trick show, I could only smile a little thinking, this would not have been comfortable if against bigger teams.
    Messi said it was a collective effort…I don’t think so.
    We just didn’t run the midfield at all till Banega was dropped deeper.
    Which comes back to the point of Augusto Fernandez earlier…..either play him or Mascherano (and I for one would pick a one legged el jaficto everyday). Augusto cannot play the no. 6 role well enough. He just looks lost.
    Banega seemed to play this position as if he played there all along and looked happy doing it. Which was what we’ve always wanted. Someone like Banega play the no. 6 role ala Xavi like.
    Records are there to be broken. Messi will want to do it at this tournament.
    Overall satisfied but hindered some what because of Di Maria’s injury.

    • are you serious it was no one man show of some amazing abillity yes mesi scored a hattrick and we are happy

      but please kindly get real

      a ball smashng of higuains face falling to messis feet infront of a open net AGAINST A 10 MAQN BEATEN PANAMA TEAM is not some amazing out of this world genius thing….

      are we seriously that desperate and insecure we are going to start chatting shit

      panama were a beaten team before messi arrived there a low level team they were down to 10 men

      and messis firtst was 100% luck and god for him and us,but can we kindly stop maing out it was some amazing thing

      argentina were in second gear banega and kun could have scored a few to,lets get real

      messi is great but he hardly had to try to do that,it wasnt germany at a world cup or brazil it wasnt a fighing game of high level football

      it was a beaten panama side down to 10 men and a funny ball of higuains face

      • Firstly registered member I didn’t mention it was an amazing one man show…..
        I said we rely too much on messi. What I should’ve added was we did not have the cutting edge with our passing or the higher intensity until Messi came on we had that link between midfield and Higuain. Thanks to Banega dropping deep and messi allowed to have more space to operate.
        I said we were in 3rd gear,you say we were in 2nd. Wnot argue with that.
        2ndly you mentioned messi’s first goal was luck thanks to a rebound off Higuain’s face, well then luck is what we’ve needed. Take them how it comes.

        Commentary stated messi was in the zone. I didn’t think so. He hardly broke a sweat. But then nor did anyone else it felt.

        Insecure and desperate?? Chatting shit?? Sorry but i have no clue whether that statement is for a another one of your obscure discussions that have no grounds here at mundo.
        I am sure I stated that we might be holding out on for the later stages? And from what you mentioned about not playing against a team like Germany or Brazil I am guessing we are agreeing on something such as not pushing our game?

        Kindly state your opinion and respect others here whether you agree or not…may I suggest you can start with “I am afraid I disagree…” something to that efect? Rather than ‘insecure and chatting shit’….you dont have to remind me that I don’t know jack about football… I will be the judge of that!

        Piece to all. And fundamentally Vamos Argentina

  11. I like what Tata did when Messi came on, he moved Banega to DM and kept two wingers. He let Messi play as a #10 in a free role behind the striker. 4-2-3-1. I think this suits this team better than 4-3-3. At least against mediocre and small teams we can use Banega as one of the two DM’s, in Augusto’s position. I general though the team played better against Chile, but every game lives it’s own life. We kinda got the job done. Panama players were so dirty and the most important thing was to get a win and not pick up injuries…Fideo was injured as always so we didn’t succeed at this. I still believe Fideo is vital for our chances of winning the Copa. With both him and Lio together on the pitch it is very hard for any defense to stop us.

  12. There was a very good sign in this match, about which we all should be happy about. Messi makes that long diagonal ball into the box, and Rojo runs in to receive it pass it and there is a goal. This is exactly what Messi do for Barca, where it is mostly Alba and Neymar who receive the ball. I was so happy to see that, because he can spot that pass with split seconds and execute it so well, all we need is a good player with good control on the ball to run and receive it and shoot or pass. I was so happy to see that friends.

    It is not looking nice that, people were so happy about our performance about Chile (when their poor show made us look better), but then we cannot keep it up with the next team!!! it looked like 10 man Panama played better than us, until the second goal. They looked more like equalizing than us scoring the second.

    De Maria, once again..

    Roy, could you make this comment button on top. Also, if the latest comments go at the bottom, possible??

    • Also Tata please, did you see that. If you manage to get the ball to Messi in and around 20 yards, he could score which normally your Pastore and others would bottle. Or, if you are giving him the ball only past 35 yards, get your players to make a run into space and he will create chances for them. See that Tata please.

  13. so it is Batigol now. it seems every player is now compared to messi. the 2 old arrogants, batistuta and there is a crying girl who loves leo abd herself too. ironically Leo doesn’t like to talk about himself nor about others and more importantly never compete with any one except complementing. what a blessed guy he is and Argie too, to have this phenomonen.

  14. what is this??? i don’t like the new mundo if this is the finished product. the background which is the old one look horrible with the new window.
    i’m pretty sure many of us earlier members will not like this new look.

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