Rumored line-up for Argentina


Only Angel DI MARIA and Javier PASTORE are ruled out for Argentina’s Quarter Final match on Saturday. The rumored line-up is that Tata will play a 4-2-3-1 with Lionel MESSI starting.

The following is Argentina’s rumored line-up:



  1. Gaitan is a solid player, simeone signed him and everyone here Loves and trusts simeone right? Gaitan creates spaces for forwards by his placement out right…. He is a role player (if you will) the unfortunate thing is…..DYALA WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT GOD DAMN TATA!!!!!! Sorry still upset about Paulo not being at la copa.
    My worry is will augusto Fernandez, he is unskilled for an Argentinan and quiet frankly against Venezuela we already have enough players to defend. We need another attacking midfield player to unlock that bunkered down Venezuelan defense!!! Lamela would have been that player for me. This game will either be 4-0 or 0-0… If we score early the floodgates will open up but the longer it stays at 0-0, the more Pressure will raise on Argentina. Argentina needs a sense of urgency in this match and cannot be complacent !
    Hasta la Victoria siempre!

  2. I agree, for me the pecking order on the wing is Lavezzi then Lamela then DiMaria then Gaitan.. BUT! I think Gaitan is not as poor as people think, i think he is just nervous (which is not wc confidence) and its ubderstandable, big shot at NT starter in a major tournament as Messis replacement, it takes a giant pair not to let that affect you. He looks like he is forcing it, he ia putting in 150 percent which is making him tense in attack and foul in defence.. But he has heart, works hard, is smart with the ball and does have skill.. I think he just needs to find his flow.. But considering that Lamela is oozing confidence and Lavezzi has a giant pair he looks diminished. Frankly they are all pretty even in what they bring.. My main concern is an Agusto, Banega Masch midfiel being too slow and too flat.. Banega better crash the box and form a triangle witht the two DMs or we are going to completely isolate the forward line.

  3. It is going to be fight. They will not play football they will play regby with us. I hope our players do not lose their nerves. I hope they are prepered for a fight and avoid losing their mind as the only way to stop Argentina is not play football with them get under their skin and make them lose their minds. I can hear the venz coach say that from here

  4. This is a poor line up. Gaitan is a very poor player. Watching him in Chicago live (TV does not say everything) I can say this guy is very ordinary. He is erratic in attack and loses a lot of ball. He tried hard to participate in both attack and defense but in my opinion he is erratic in attack and clumsy in defense. I can see Messi trying to connect with him and he will lose the ball. He makes a lot of miss passes without any pressure on him. I would have preferred Lavezzi.

    Can’t wait to get to the stadium today.

    • I concur we don’t have midfield speed. When I mentioned the need for Lanzini. Some Mundo experts dismissed the idea, saying that he is an nobody because he only plays for West Ham. Well, Dmitri Payet (France’s Euro revelation) plays there too. One player we need to get to his best is Enzo Perez. He might not be Intesa, but he covers a lot ground too.

      • Enzo Perez is better version of Augesto imo. He is skill, speed and stamina. For Lanzini, I have little knowledge about how he play so I won’t comment on this. Anyway, I hope they can play little quicker since Messi is not running like in past and Higuain is not that fast so I afraid it would slow down our attack

  5. Taking from Aguero’s words, I think him and Higuain enjoy playing together but it seems like the coach doesn’t want it to entertain it. This single striker strategy might work for Latin American defenses now at COPA and WCQs but it is going to be problem facing at the WC, given the heights and the defense set ups of the European teams. 2002 might have been a different story if Bielsa had devised a way of playing Batistuta and Crespo in tandem. I hope Tata remembers 2002 too.

    Anyways, this is just IMO. For now let’s just enjoy the COPA and hope we win. I hope we can get job done or at least leading significantly the first half.

  6. Gaitan in his preferred position coming in from the left. Because he was versatile playing on either flanks he was always going to be the obvious choice for Tata to cover absences.
    I still would’ve preferred Lamela on the right in messi’s absence. However Gaitan is a better option on the left when Di Maria’s away.
    Messi will be drifting in from his usual right.
    While Banega will occupy the middle of the park as he has been with decent affect.

  7. Gaitan has replaced di maria since ever he step up in Benefica. Hope he will replicate that too,though i always prefer Lavezzi when Di maria is not around like hissublime performance in 2014 WC. He is really a NT material like podolski abd shwini used to to their NT albeit their sub club roles.

  8. I was wearing My 2013 Away ARGENTINA jersey today (best away one ever in my opinion) and was asked by 3 different people, “did you see the game last night”?

    I can’t wait until tomorrow’s game is WON and over with already.

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